A Keyword Research Tool We All Need.

Jaaxy is keyword research tool that I use all the time for my blog. It helps me find a keyword that is less competitive and it can help me rank my blog posts higher in Google, Bing and or Yahoo. Which in turn that keyword or keywords will help get more traffic to my site, who doesn’t love traffic (people) on their sites?

Anybody that has a blog can benefit from Jaaxy and everything this tool can provide. If you’re serious about getting free traffic and not have to pay, for it use Jaaxy’s keyword tool. It will help your blog posts get indexed on the first page of all the big search engines. Which is a good thing since I don’t think when you’re search for something, you’re go to the second or third page looking for what you’re need do you’re?

I sometimes do because my curiosity gets the better of me so I end up going to the pages beyond the first page. Mostly just to see the difference in content that other creators with blogs, wrote on the topic I am looking up.

I have learned though that you’re can have some really good content most likely even better content than some bloggers that ranked on the first page. Besides better content the reason why these others ranked higher, is that they used a tool like Jaaxy to find those low competition keywords. They did their keyword research so they could use SEO or Search Engine Optimization to their advantage, If you’re want to know what SEO is CLICK HERE.

Here Is What Jaxxy Looks Like Researching Keywords.

This is the search result I got when doing keyword research on Jaaxy for this blog post. You see on the left is different results you’re can use that they reccomend, so you’re can have different options.

  • AVG. Is the average searches that particular keyword receives per month.
  • Traffic is the amount of traffic your blog post and website will get in a months time.
  • QSR. (quoted search results) is the number of competing websites ranked in google for this exact keyword.
  • KQI. Keyword Quality Indicator if you’re click GET QSR it will turn Green- great, Yellow- OK and Red- Poor.
  • SEO A score based on competition, the higher the score the more likely you’re will rank for this keyword on the first page. On a scale of 1-100

Me I personally look at the Traffic, QSR, KQI and SEO because you’re want traffic 30 or higher less can work as well. QSR so you’re know how many other websites that you’re will competing in this keyword. If you’re can get big old goose egg that is good. You don’t always get that though but it is OK if you’re don’t it just means others will be competing for a spot on the first page. KQI you’re should pay attention to this also because you’re are striving for the Green- Great because that is a really good keyword. You can go for the Yellow- OK but stay away from Red- Poor because if it is poor it will be really hard to rank on the first page.

Pricing of Jaaxy with each plan

As you’re can see there is 3 different plans you’re can use starter which is free but there are limitations as listed in the picture



  • 30 Keyword Searches
  • 20 Search Results
  • Website Analyzer
  • Affiliate Prgram Finder
  • Keyword List Manager
  • Brainstorm Idea Feed
  • Keyword Competition Data
  • 1x Speed
  • Affiliate Program
  • 30 Siterank Analysis Scan



Includes everything that the starter plan plus

  • Sortable Search Results
  • Unlimited Search History
  • Manual QSR Search
  • Manual Domain Search
  • Alphabet Soup (15 Letter)
  • 2X Multi Threaded Search
  • 2K Siterank Analysis Scans



Includes everything that the Pro plan plus

  • 35 Search Results
  • 5X Speed
  • Automated QSR
  • Automated Domain Search
  • Alphabet Soup (50 Letter)
  • Unlimited Keyword Lists
  • 10K Siterank Analysis Scans

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Become an affiliate and make money

A plus to investing in this tool is the fact you’re can become an affiliate and earn commissions from everyone you’re refer to Jaaxy. Here is how much you’re can earn from each level if you’re are an affiliate. CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED

To be honest why not make money on a tool you’re believe in and use on your blog I believe it is a WIN WIN don’t you’re think?

It may not be a huge some of money to the point to make you’re quit your JOB but at least you’re will be able to get something out of the tool you’re know?

Another thing I like about Jaaxy is the fact you’re can make lists of the keywords you’re make so if you’re want to use them again you’re don’t have to search for them again. All you’re would have to do is go into your lists find that keyword and use it that is a HUGE time saver at least I see it as one.

One of my favorite features SITERANK

I say this is one of my favorite features is that you’re can search your site and the keyword you’re used in your blog post. When that happens you’re can see if the keyword you’re used ranked high on Google, or if it got ranked lower on the search engines. You can always go and tweak the keyword you’re are trying to target if you’re didn’t get the results you’re wanted so you’re can rank higher.

This feature is priceless to know where you’re site is ranking in the search engines over time because sometimes others can overtime outrank you’re. A few ways the keywords they use, how long their review or article is, so if you’re find out you’re are dropping in rank just go and tweak your keywords or keyword and edit your post and make it longer than your competition.

I hope this helped you’re and check this tool out if you’re need help just ask and I will help where ever I can. If you’re do decide to check out JAAXY CLICK HERE.

Leave a comment below and let me know of your thoughts also if you’re want to learn how to build a website, implement the training they give you’re and learn how to leverage that website with blogging than CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW

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