When it comes to making money online to some it may go over the top of their heads and not exactly understand how you can make money. Some just don’t believe it can be done, then there are others out the that believe you can make money but don’t know exactly how to do it. That is when we go online and find ways to work from home. We find one of these two things out of hundreds or even thousands of programs out there that “claim” to be the right program to having you your dream lifestyle.

These two things are you find a Legit program like Wealthy Affiliate or you find a so called Scam. When trying to find a program online that has really good training it can be really hard to find. If you look up reviews you will find some say this a scam than you see another review someone will say this is legit.

This is where your own due diligence comes into play. I say this because a lot of the time people say a program is legit mostly because they are affiliated with that company. If they get someone to buy into that program that person will get a commission. There are some people out there that will say a program is legit, but then tell you to go to their number 1 program this is all because they are affiliated with that one company and not the other.

There are the ones that will tell you that this program is a scam but in reality it really isn’t, sometimes why some say a program is a scam is because they didn’t see the progress they wanted. So when they quit after a few months they feel like they got scammed out of their money.

Before I get into what exactly is affiliate marketing I will say this that not all programs are legit and not all are scams. Not all programs are made for the “Newbies” but made, more for the “Vets” in the online world. Now this doesn’t mean if you are a “Newbie” you can’t make money, in reality you can make money on all legit programs it will take time and work to do so.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is how most people make money online, some use both affiliate marketing and some also sell their own products in order to make money. These are just two income streams you can utilize in the online world, but there are plenty of others you can utilize and leverage it is crazy to think how infinite the possibilities are online.

So What Is It And How Does It Work?

When we go online look up a product we want to get but not sure if this one is best for me so you find a review of that product. You find a site on whatever search engine you use most popular are Google, Bing and Yahoo that has this product review.

You read the review and you see a CTA (Call To Action) telling you click here if you want to buy this product. If you find this product is right for you; you will click the link (affiliate link) and it brings you to another site. Once you buy the product from the link you clicked on the reviewers review they get a commission from your purchase.

So basically all it is someone gets an affiliate link they put it in their review on their blog post if they are using a blog. Someone clicks the link buys the product you get a commission from that purchase, I think this is pretty cool don’t you think?

Why Do We Use Affiliate Marketing To Make Money?

This is a pretty simple answer because if you look at it two of the biggest ways to make money online (there are a lot of others). Is by selling your own product or training or by becoming an affiliate to resell someone else product or training.

Here Are A Few Examples

  • Physical Poducts
  • Online Trainings
  • E-Books

The reason for working online and being an affiliate is because unlike with a brick and mortar you have to deal with employees, keep up with stock, you are location dependent. With working online leveraging affiliate marketing you are not location dependent you can work from your laptop. You can work from where ever you want in the world as long as you have a laptop and you have internet connection you can work.

A few places to be an affiliate for free but if you look up affiliate programs you can find them and see if these programs are worth it to you.


Is a place you can find physical products to resell there are a lot of products that you can find that you can review and make money off of.


Is another place to be an affiliate for free the one thing with ClickBank is that they let you resell online products.

There are many more out there you just have to find them and you can just do your research on which program or programs you want to be an affiliate for. To be honest you don’t have to just be affiliate with one you can promote from as many programs as you want.

The only thing is that you have to find the products that is in your niche for example if you are in the fitness niche you will have to find products or programs that are in the fitness niche. It wouldn’t make sense to promote on your site that is all about fitness and then promote something in a niche like auto parts. I hope that makes sense to you because all I want to do is help whenever I can.

Affiliate Marketing And Working Online Has Infinite Possibilities

In the online world you will find a lot of different programs you can promote that have different ways of doing things. There are the ones you can promote for free like the ones above. Then there are programs that you have to invest a little or even a lot of money in order to be an affiliate.

These are low ticket programs and high ticket programs

The differences between a high ticket and a low ticket program is that the

High ticket programs

You have to invest a few hundred and even a few thousand dollars. Just say you invest in just the entry level product, and you start to promote the product someone comes in under your affiliate link. You will get the entry level commission but if they decide to upgrade to any of the higher level products you won’t get the commission. That commission will be passed up to your sponsor or mentor.

I really do think this is fair but I know others do not which is cool because we all have our own opinions if you know what I mean?

The big thing that attracts people to these high ticket programs is the fact that you can get huge commissions. If you upgraded and brought into the higher products, you can earn in one sale a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Low Ticket Programs

You will invest a small amount of money it can range from a free to start then up sell to the full program that ranges in price. An example of this is that you will invest $50 monthly for the training inside the program plus being an affiliate. The only thing about these low ticket programs is that since you are reselling a lower ticket program you get a way smaller commission.

Like with high ticket you resell a high ticket and get a higher payout when someone buys the product you brought. In this low ticket program just say you are paying $50 monthly for every person who buys into the program you promote you will get 40% of that $50. This is about $23 a month give or take a little so you would have to get about 2 people buying into this program in order to make back your investment.

Like I said the only bad thing about low ticket is that if you want to make a full time income you have to get a lot of people into your business in order to make it full time.

This is all up to you if you want to go high ticket or low ticket one thing I have always believed is that you should only invest the amount of money you are willing to lose.

I say this because working online is not a for sure deal of you making it and being successful you are the one who decides if you succeed or not. It will take work and time in order to make it but it doesn’t mean you can’t succeed you know?

All in all just do your research find what you feel is the right fit for you don’t let anybody force you into a program you don’t feel like investing in. Also don’t invest more money than you are willing to lose or don’t go broke investing because if you have to go broke then don’t do it.

Whether you decide the free method of affiliate marketing or you decide to go with the low ticket or high ticket route. If you have to save up the money in order to invest in your self then do it. Saving up money is a good way of making it to your goals find what programs work for you.

I hope the best for you and if you have any questions just leave them in the comments below,


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