These are some ways to make a passive income there is one that is what some call an active income.

We all can make money in different ways there are thousands if not millions of ways to make money. To name a few of the countless ways of making money, at a regular 9 to 5 job, blogging, selling a product you have created, selling other people’s products, affiliate marketing.

Active Income

What Is An Active Income?

It is a way to make money basically it is when you trade your time for money. The only way to make any type of income this way is by working for an hourly wage, this is also called a JOB.

Regular 9 To 5 Job

We all have at some point made money this way some of us are actually still working a job some of us hate our job’s some don’t. Besides that fact in our life we can trade our time for money at a job, we can only make so much at a 9 to 5 since we only have 24 hours in a day. So basically every hour we work we get money this could be an hourly wage which turns into, a weekly, bi-weekly. Even when you are working a salary job you are still trading your time for money, The only difference between salary and hourly wages is that, hourly you can get overtime and if you miss hours you will get less pay on your paycheck. Salary wages you don’t get overtime you can still get paid if you only work a few hours in that day or night.

Passive Income

What Is A Passive Income?

This is when you can work on just say a blog post reviewing a product you will also have an affiliate link. You will talk about why you like and don’t like about this product. You will put a few CTAs (Call To Actions) in the post which will have your affiliate link in it. Once you are done with the post you will post it on your blog, as traffic (people) come to your site. They will see you review and if the person on your site, feels like they want that product that person will buy. After that you will get a commission from that purchase.

As time goes by and others keep going to that review you will keep making money from that one post which is pretty cool. That is the good thing about passive income compared to active income, because you can leave that post there and still make money. With active income you have to work trade your time for money and with only 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week, you can only make but so much money before you get capped off.

The only thing about passive income is that you will eventually have to tweak that post so you can still get traffic to that one post. Especially if you have a lot of posts on your site you will want that post to rank high in the search engines, so you can still get traffic to that review still pretty cool stuff.


For years people have used blogging as an outlet as a personal journal online, also to get their word out or their opinions to the ones that see their blog.

In recent years people have been creating blogs and or websites so they can make money online. The only down fall to it is that if you don’t like to write then you won’t like to blog. To make money with a blog it will take time to make money you have to rely on traffic (people) to your blog or website, in order to make any type of income. Most either promote their own products, others products, or even affiliate marketing.

Selling A Product You Have Created

If you have a product or service you have created you can sell this to others so you can help them with something in their lives. This really can be anything from clothes, online digital training, books you wrote, sunglasses the list goes on. If you have created something and you feel like someone can benefit from that product you can sell it, and make money off of that item or items. The good thing about this is that you can make 100% of the money back since this is your product. Unlike selling other people’s products or affiliate marketing, you can only make a commission between on the low end 1%-5% on the higher end from 20%-50%.

With that being said you can use a blog to help promote and sell these products you have created. This way you can eventually work from home pretty cool wouldn’t you say?

Selling Other People’s Products/ Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This is when you find a product or service someone else has created and you can resell this product or service to whoever that is interested in it. You can leverage a blog or a website to promote these products also you can use, email marketing, landing page/sales funnel these are a few ways to help promote these.

If you don’t have your own products to sell or promote affiliate marketing or selling other people’s products is a good way to make a passive income. There are a lot of products you can find online to review and sell others so you can make an income off of that. This is how a lot of people in the online world make money from affiliate marketing, it does take work to get people to those products.

Some make it seem really easy, in a way it can be easy especially if you have traffic or people coming to your offer. If you are just beginning in the online world it will take a lot more work for you to make money online it can be done though. To be honest if you really want it you can get it, don’t give up keep working towards your dreams of getting out of the 9 to 5.

I believe you can do it one last thing I will leave with you is this

“If One Person Can Do It Than You can Do It To.”

I hope the best for you guys if you have any questions just leave a comment below,


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