Making Money Online can be a crazy space we look up ways to work from home then we see different reviews on different programs. We start to do some research most of the time we find mixed reviews some will say this program is the best and some will say this is a scam. Not all programs are “scams” not all are “legit”it really all depends on your research and find out what you feel is best for you.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

To be honest it comes down to perception and how you see the review. What I mean by this like I stated above some will say a program is “legit” some will say it is a “scam”. With Wealthy Affiliate it can seem that it is a scam despite the program being around for a long time since 2005 so about 13 years. You sometimes see when we look up a review you get a mix of negative and positive, then you can figure out if that program is a right fit for you.

Now with Wealthy Affiliate man it is a way different story when it comes to reviews and how they look when you start to read them.

I don’t see Wealthy Affiliate as a scam since I have been through the training and have implemented the training in order to make this site. The product they are offering is online educational based and it is a real legit product To some that are just getting into the MMO (Money Making Online or Work From Home Business) the reviews can make you second guess if the program is legit or not, here is what I mean.

You can check out my review of WA here

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Seem Like A Scam?

Have you ever looked up online ways to make money from home you have probably seen the name a few times of Wealthy Affiliate. I can bet when you saw the name Wealthy Affiliate for the millionth time you are like “why not research Wealthy Affiliate more to see if it is a scam or not”. All the reviews you have seen have all had some type of catchy blog title saying something like “Wealthy Affiliate is a scam.” to it so they could catch your eye for you to click. As you click on the website you come to realize as you read more despite what the title says about WA is a scam. In reality the blog is all about praising Wealthy Affiliate.

So you look at another WA review low and behold all you see is positive review after positive review. You also notice these people behind the reviews of Wealthy Affiliate they are also affiliates to WA. With that being said anybody that is affiliate for a “legit” program or a “scam”, they will always talk good about that program.

Why is this?

The reason why is that these people that are affiliates have an incentive to say good things about a program and not bad things. So they can get you to click on their affiliate link in order for them to get paid a commission from the money you paid.

Same goes with Wealthy Affiliate you see all these positive reviews to this program, because when you sign up as a free starter member or even upgrade to their $50 a month or $359 a year. Since they are an affiliate right out the gate and they want to promote WA why would they say anything negative in their review? They wouldn’t because they want you to buy the program so they can make a commission (money) off of you.

How Do WA Memebers Rank High In Search Results?

The reason you see a lot of Wealthy Affiliate members ranking so high in the search results with their review (their opinions)on WA. Plus other reviews on different MMO (Money Making Online) programs you see out there on the search engines.

When you become a member to Wealthy Affiliate they teach you how to rank high in the search engines using free traffic methods with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). WA gives you a keyword search tool called JAAXY which helps the people of Wealthy Affiliate get low competition high traffic Keywords. These keywords are in short are phrases you put into a search engine in order to find information you are looking for. For example, you could put in a search engine “Wealthy Affiliate Scam”, when you do that you will find reviews on that topic these are your keywords.

The training WA offers is specifically geared towards using your blog to get ranked high in all the search engines. When they get ranked high and you search for that certain keyword you stumble upon their post. Then you will get WA pushed to you like crazy if they are in the MMO niche.

It goes to show that Wealthy Affiliate members can rank high so anytime you find a review on WA you will see nothing but good and positive reviews nothing negative. Anything you see when someone is an affiliate to a product or program it is as some would say a “Paid Ad or Endorsement”. So Wealthy Affiliate is paying people to promote their program if they choose to promote WA which most do.

Are These Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Biased Or Unbiased?

All of these reviews for Wealthy Affiliate Is A Scam are all BIASED reviews. Any reviewer you see that is getting paid to do a review whether it be for WA or any other product they may say it is an UNBIASED review but in reality no review is UNBIASED.

For example if you look up a program you have found you find a review on this program. If this person is promoting another program you will see some CTAs (Call To Actions), which is basically a way of telling you to click here to sign up for their recommended program.

To further this example just say the reviewer is a Wealthy Affiliate member they will review a program in their post. Then when they review it doesn’t matter if they program is “legit” or a “scam”, they will put CTAs in their post promoting none other than WEALTHY AFFILIATE. They will say something along the lines of Click Here to see my number one recommended program. When they do that they will hyper link the text that will send you either to an affiliate link, or to their blog post that is another review which has affiliate links. Once you click on those affiliate links you end up buying they will get your money. This is what anybody that is reviewing a program or product with affiliate links they want you to buy to get money.


Biggest Reason You Should Sign Up With Wealthy Affiliate

Yeah you can make money online through multiple ways you can go through making money with Social Media other online programs. Wealthy Affiliate has some good legit training that will get you a full time or partime passive income, you just have to put in the work.

There is no such thing as a get-rich-quick working online if you want to make money fast then working a regular 9 to 5 is for you not work online. When working online for you to start making money, it will take some time in order to get traffic and have people buying the program you are promoting.

Just remember there are a lot of programs out there but it is hard to find and weed out the “legit” programs and “scams” since there are so many out there. Even though WA seems like a scam from all the positive reviews, to be honest it is a good program.

Benefits To Signing Up To WA

You can start for free at WA that is right no CC required you can just put in your INFO HERE test out Wealthy Affiliate and see for yourself why all you see is positive reviews on WA. Don’t get me wrong there is no such thing as a perfect program, that is the same with WA. Wealthy Affiliate is no perfect by any means this program has some flaws to it, but the PROS outweigh the CONS.

That is one of the reasons why I actually signed up with WA is that I could sign up for free get two free websites with SiteRubix. Then if you Wealthy Affiliate you can upgrade to a Premium member and get the rest of the training which will help you live out being your own boss.

Plus the affiliate program is pretty good to when you get someone to sign up with your affiliate link you will get this

This is a chart on what commissions you would get sent to your PayPal whenever you start to get people to buy from you I think this is pretty cool if you ask me. A residule income is always better than a one time payment this is, because if you get a one time payment you will get that payment once. If you get a residue income you get it every month the more people you refer to Wealthy Affiliate, the more money you will end up getting a month.

Also, you have a crazy huge helpful community if you need help just ask and you can get help also you can search in the search bar up top of the screen and try to find your answer there. It is always good to have like-minded people to help out with your journey you know?

Comparisons Between The Free Membership And Premium

You can see the benefits of upgrading to premium and going through with that process.

With All that being said find out for yourself if the Wealthy Affiliate Scam really works because I can say when you get in you will be happy. I know I am and a lot of others are too, since the training is some good stuff. I hope the best for you guy and let me know if you have any questions HERE

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