This is my Wealth Magnet Review – Is The Wealth Magnet A Scam?

I never heard of this program until today it was sent to me in an email. I took a look and despite it being $37 this program caught my attention.

So I took the dive decided to buy into this Wealth Magnet System to see if it is worth your time or a complete scam.

In short this program is about how to change your mindset to get more abundance in your life. Instead of living in the negative you will be taught how to live in the positive.

Mindset is huge when it comes to making money online and building an online business.

Lets get into this Wealth Magnet Review – Is the Wealth Magnet A Scam?

What Is Your Wealth Magnet?

The website you can find this program on is

Price is going to cost you $37 there will be a pop up if you try and click away usually with a $10 discount. Plus some upsells $67, $47, $47.

The owner of this program is Michael McNally

I won’t really get into the sales page much here because the sales page is a sales page. This sales page really isn’t as hyped up as a lot of other ClickBank programs.

Or really a lot of other programs out there this one is a little more mild when it comes to the hype.

You could just tell this program was more of a mindset type of program to help you grow your abundance.

To me I see this as a huge thing as I mentioned above, because if you don’t have a good positive mindset. To be honest with you won’t get to far with a negative mind.

It will be like you are in a car trying to go forward but your wheels are spinning, but you aren’t moving.

When it comes to The Wealth Magnet it will help you to change that. There are a lot of audios, videos and PDF’s in order to help you change your mindset.

PDF #1– How To Manifest Your dreams Into Reality & Live A Life Of Limitless Abundance By Michael McNally. This PDF is to my surprise a long one this one tops out at 118 pages long.

I am not huge into PDF’s but if they contain value and information that will help me out I am cool with it. This one is a pretty well done E-book or PDF to help you change your mindset.

The Wealth Magnet Audio Bundle– This section has 3 different audios that you will listen to. They recommend you don’t listen while driving but want you to lay down or get into a comfortable position.

  • #1- Instant Habit Transformation: 31:41
  • #2– Mind Over Money Neurological Synchronization: 29:52
  • #3– The Wealth Attraction Hypnosis: 14:19

In all of these videos you will be met with a man’s voice that is in a more quite low voice. His voice in a way to keep you calm while you listen to the video.

Throughout the videos there will be this music and his voice changes to make him sound more hypnotic.

This is suppose to get your mind right so you can start to get subliminal messages. These audios are suppose to help change your mindset for the better to get more abundance in your life.

PDF #2– Manifest Your Destiny The Simple System For Achieving Anything You Can Imagine: In this PDF you will get another 128 pages to read which isn’t normal for a program to give you that much.

PDF #3– Secret High Paying Online Jobs: 17 pages this one is a simple one that goes into detail on how to find online jobs. Through companies like Airbnb, fiverr, lionbridge, leapforce and many more.

PDF #4– Quit Your Job And Work Online (A Comprehensive Guide)- 36 pages this one shows you how you can avoid scams online. All the way to why people prefer working online compared to a regular job.

Abundance Immersion– This consists of 13 modules with a mix of PDF’s, videos and audios. I haven’t gone through all of these there are some really good information. This section has a lot to it and can really help others at least I believe it can.

Is The Wealth Magnet A Scam?

No, Wealth Magnet is not a scam you do get some really good information in this program. Yeah it may focus on how you can change your mindset to bring abundance into your life. Than it is to teach you how to grow a business online.

I will say that this program can help you if you struggle with mindset and you actually believe you will succeed.

You Can Check Out The Wealth Magnet Here

I highly recommend anything that will help you with changing your mindset. Mindset is huge in life not just business if you have a negative mind you will bring negative things to you.

Same goes with positive thinking and doing positive things. The more you put out the more you will get in return.

Now it isn’t easy thing to do it sounds easy to change your mind and keep it positive. In reality it takes work just like growing a business it won’t happen over night.

You will have to work on that as I like to say GRIND UNTIL YOU SHINE.

Hard work on your mind and business really anything worth having in life is going to take work to change. Some may not believe in the law of attraction.

I know me I totally believe in it at one point I was a really positive person then once a negative thing would come. I would dwell and it would keep me down I didn’t know why.

Then I found out about the law of attraction through a book called The Secret from my ma. When I read that book and really implemented what it said my life started to change.

I was a little skeptical at first on this mindset law of attraction thing since I was only 18 at the time I got it in 2007. I have always been a curious person so I started implementing.

This book called The Secret turned me from a skeptic to a believer. When it comes to The Wealth Magnet it is well worth the cost.

That is the thing that surprised me about this program is the fact you get so much information for so little. $37 to be honest with you this front end product I believe is well worth more than what they offer it for.

Your life is determined by your actions and how you think.

Let me know what you guys think of This Wealth Magnet Review do you believe this program is worth it?

Do you believe in the law of attraction at all or are you a skeptic of it?

Let me know in the comments below I would love to see your thoughts.

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