The Zippo Pay Review

This one was an interesting one I have never heard of until the other day it sounded like a new way to pay for things this is called Zippo Pay or Zippo Pay Button.

I am not affiliated with Zippo Pay at all. I just did my due diligence/research thought I would give you all the information I have found. I will let you decide from The Zippo Pay Review whether this is a scam or legit.

What Is Zippo Pay?



Bryan Winters

Zippo Pay Owner Bryan Winters


$3 for a 5 day trail to keep access to The Zippo Pay Button you will have to pay $20 a month. You can cancel anytime during the trial and after the trail.

You will also get a 60 day money back guarantee. This is a ClickBank product so if you do want your money back it will happen.

The first thing you find on the site is a video and a bunch of text to tell you more about Zippo Pay and how it can help you.

The owner Bryan Winters pictured above goes to tell us his “rags to riches” story. Plus how he has made millions helped others make six and seven figures online.

“Zippo Pay is the world’s first social viral payment button that generates free traffic, email leads and unlimited income for its users. As in set it and leave it.” Bryan Winters

The Zippo Pay Review

Zippo Pay Products

  • Zippo Pay Vendor Account- Generate unlimited Zippo Pay buttons / campaigns in as little as 5 minutes each. Copy. Paste. And you’re in business.
  • ZP DFY Web Funnel & Product- No Product don’t worry ZP will work in any niche you will get a full web funnel and product to promote when you plug in.
  • Unlimited ZP Market Place Traffic- This is a bonus when ordering ZP. They will automatically list ZP campaigns in the ZP market place. That delivers 100% free traffic automatically.

After the “rags to riches” story Bryan Winters talks a little about how the Zippo Pay button works.

Bryan says that Zippo Pay is for anyone you don’t need a product, you can be a newbie and still make money.

The reason why he says you don’t need a product as you can see in the screen shot on the right. Once you buy the Zippo Button you can have a product to promote with Zippo.

This product is called DUMB LITTLE CASH MAKERS I actually did a review on that you can check that out here.

In short Dumb Little Cash Makers is a program to make money online and Bryan Winters is also the creator of DLCM. This program is $10 a 12 page PDF which teaches you how to find products and sell them on Facebook Market Place.

DLCM has an affiliate program how you be an affiliate is pay the $1 for the first month in the Facebook Group after that it is $20 a month. In the GoPro video showing the case study in the sales video of Zippo Pay you will notice his commissions are $10.

You will get 50% of that $20 as you can see if you don’t have a product to promote you will be using this DFY funnel (done for you). This funnel is to promote DLCM can get you that $10 commission for each referral you bring into the Zippo Pay and Dumb Little Cash Makers.

Bryan does claim that you can use this Zippo Pay button in any niche out there just put the ZP button on your offer and see the magic happen.

Zippo Pay Testimonials

Zippo Pay TestimonialsTo be honest with you this is just my opinion I actually think these are fake testimonials. I only say this because usually the pictures are stock pictures with made up text. These could be real testimonials but I just don’t feel like they are real at all.

Even if they were real these wouldn’t really have much sway on my opinion on the product I have always believed not everything is made for everyone. Just because it worked for you that doesn’t mean I will like it or it will work for me.

Is Zippo Pay A Scam?

I can’t really say this is a scam ZP does have some red flags like a lot of other ClickBank products yeah. For example the “fake” testimonials, income claims, to the owner Bryan Winters making it look a lot easier to make money online than it really is.

I haven’t used this product I did buy the Dumb Little Cash Makers product that can make you money it does take a lot of work though. Nothing is wrong with doing a lot of work because anything worthwhile or that is going to make you money there will be some type of work.

For example just say you buy the Zippo Pay Button and don’t have a product to promote. You will be promoting and possibly using a product called DLCM which you will have to find products on Aliexpress to promote on Facebook Market Place.

You will then have to take pictures of the products write up the description on the product post your ad on the Facebook Market Place. Either buy the product in bulk so you can meet up with the people that want to buy to get your money face to face,

The second option would be doing all the above instead of buying in bulk of that product, you will have to tell the people that responded to your ad to wait a fee weeks. This is because you don’t already have the products in hand so you will have to buy the products and the shipping can take a few weeks.

Then get their address after getting payment through PayPal and send them their product through the mail.

The thing is not if I feel like Zippo Pay and even Dumb Little Cash Makers is a scam it comes down to you if you feel like it is or not.

It comes down to your decision whether you feel like this is actually a right fit for you. I may have my own opinion which is I don’t really recommend this it is a cheap way to “possibly make money”. Since there is NO GUARANTEE you will make any money.

I am not getting anything out of this except for helping others make the right decision for them if that makes sense?

All In All I Will Mention This

The way I make money online is with Affiliate Marketing in short this is where you find an affiliate program in the niche of your choice. Once you find this affiliate program you will post this affiliate link in a YouTube video, on your blog really anywhere you can post an affiliate link.

People start to click your affiliate link that some will buy some won’t then ones that do buy you will get a portion or commission of that purchase. Want more information on Affiliate Marketing click the link above you can read my blog post about it.

With all that being said if you have any questions on Zippos Pay, Dumb Little Cash Makers or really anything leave them down in the comments I will get back ASAP.

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