The Silk Road Effect Review Is It A Scam?

Lately I have been seeing a program that is from ClickBank called The Silk Road Effect.

What I did was I did a little research looked at some other reviews then I decided to watch the sales video. In some other reviews I had read, they mentioned that the price was only a small fee of $17 I paid only $9. It says $9 for Silk Road Effect in small text below the START HERE button.

In this Silk Road Effect Review I will go over what is in the $9 purchase and let you decide whether the Silk Road Effect is legit or a scam.

The Silk Road Effect Review Is It A Scam?



$9 (one time fee) & two $197 up sells and one down sell.



What Is Silk Road Effect?

My first impressions of Silk Road Effect was that it looks like a really hyped up sales video that goes vaguely into what it is you had to do to make money.

You get throughout the video that you can make thousands of dollars and eventually become a millionaire with this method of make money online.

All you get is just hype on how much money this unknown person has made and that with a small amounts of work we could be living like him.

To be honest in the almost 10 minute videos for the Silk Road Effect you don’t get much information. This person briefly talks about how the Silk Road in Asia was the basis of this program. Eventually he touches on the business model of Ecommerce, that is really all you get in this video.

If you purchase you will get

$9 really isn’t much so I just said why not it is only a few bucks here is what you get for the $9 on Silk Road Effect.

Silk Road Effect Products

The Silk Road Effect Review Is It A Scam?

Silk Road Effect-

I only purchased this program I didn’t feel the need to buy $400 worth of training at the time. After declining both up sells you will come to the page that is picture above. I clicked on all the training that are listed in the picture and I was sent by up to the top of the page again.

I looked below and seen the two read buttons that say download Silk Road Effect (PDF’s of the videos) The Silk Road Effect Videos.

In all you get is 10 videos that range from 4 minutes to about 11 minutes in length. Diving into the videos you will get the basics of Ecommerce big examples of this business model Amazon and EBay.

The other 9 videos this person goes on how you can start your Ecommerce business. Either self hosting, or hosting somewhere else.

The things you will need in order to get the ball rolling is to

  • get yourself a website
  • buy a domain (or get a free one) & get hosting for your website
  • find a niche
  • start your Ecommerce store

Get Yourself A Website

This is easy you can go to word, you can always get a Free website here.

The reason is that this is a good way to monetize your blog if you already have one by putting an Ecommerce shop on your website.

Examples are these two that can be downloaded with a WordPress Plugin Shopify and Woocommerce. Both of these methods are self hosted solutions.

Shopify you can have up to 5,000 products on your store there is less customization but it is really easy to set up and get your store up and running. There are a huge amounts of support, tutorials and themes for a Shopify store.

Woocommerce you can only have up to 500 products on your store this is another popular choice especially for being a self hosted option. You get simplicity plus a huge list of support, themes for this you can’t go wrong.

Buy A Domain

There so many places to buy a domain from you can get one from blue

This is where you will pay yearly for hosting your website after you buy your domain with Bluehost. All in all it will cost you about a few hundred one time a year, which isn’t bad at all.

Find a Niche

You will want to have a niche basically the products you will be centering your store around. For instance, you are going to sell fitness products that would be your niche.

Start Your Ecommerce Store

The ones I mentioned above were self hosted stores now there are a lot more I will name a few of the non self hosted stores.

  • Bigcommerce Very similar to Shopify, though unfortunately more expensive and not as well-known or as well supported. The main advantage is that it’s convenient for selling internationally. Up to 5,000 products.
  • Magento The most powerful ecommerce platform on this list. Huge and capable of support 50,000 products. However, it’s also the most difficult to set up and the fiddliest to manage. A good self hosted option for businesses that want to go all the way but not really suitable for beginners.
  • Volusion For those of you who are internet marketers at heart, Volusion is a good choice. Volusion is not only an ecommerce store but also an autoresponder and contact management system. If you know what you’re doing, this can be very powerful for your marketing.

The information I have posted here is just basic information about Ecommerce and it is informational for the beginner. This isn’t for the ones that are more experienced in Ecommerce now I can’t talk about how good the training is in Sillk Road Effect Deluxe Member, nor the Marco Polo Secrets.

I would guess that the Silk Road Effect is the introductory course in Ecommerce. Then the money you would pay for the Silk Road Effect Deluxe Member and Marco Polo Secrets that would be more worth you money.

Silk Road Effect Deluxe Member-

The first up sell of $197 if you decline then you it will be offered at 50% discount (down sell) of $97.

Marco Polo Secrets-

The Second up sell of $197

The Silk Road Effect Is It A Scam?

To be honest with you if you are just looking at the sales video that you see before buying then you might think it might be a scam. This is from all the hype and how much money this person claims you can make in a short amounts of time. Plus You don’t know who made this system you just hear a voice over video reading word for word what is on the video.

Once you get into the system then you will notice you get some information despite being basic it was still informational.

Now I will point out though when I downloaded the videos and the PDF’s the date they were last modified was back on August 14, 2016, you can see this picture below.

The Silk Road Review Is It A Scam?

For me this doesn’t sit to well with me I only say this, because every business model out there whether that is

Plus others you will notice though that strategies are ever-changing last year one way of doing something was the thing to do but a year in the future it isn’t.

With that being said we really don’t know if any of the training in the $197 Silk Road Deluxe Member & Marco Polo secrets is up to date. Me personally I would think if the basic videos and PDF’s aren’t updated then the other training isn’t updated.

I could be wrong and the Silk Road Deluxe Member & Marco Polo Secrets could be regularly updated but only way anybody will know is if they feel they need to dump $197 on the training.

whether it is a scam or not this is for you to decide me I don’t think it is an out right scam I just think they should be more transparent. Also, I feel that there are way better training out there on Ecommerce and or Dropshipping.

How I make money is through Affiliate Marketing and a blog. I leverage these two ways to make money online to help others find a way to work online. Whether this is through the programs I think is worth it (I am affiliated with) or a program I have reviewed that I am not affiliated with.

All I want to do is help others especially find products and or programs that could have you waste your money.

You can click here to find out which program is right for you.

Let me know of any questions you might have about this post or even about Summit Social Academy & Wealthy Affiliate

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