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Welcome To My Cash Sniper Review – Is Cash Sniper A Scam?

I was emailed this product I looked at it and I was like why not go and review it.

A lot of the products like this are emailed to you buy affiliates of the product or program to make a commission.

So these products can be a shame to get your money or a legit way to make money online in this review you will find out whether Cash Sniper is worth your money or not.

Keep reading below to find out more about this program that says they can make you up to $3,500 in commissions today or if they are LIEING to you.

I did purchase this program I am not an affiliate I always do my best to purchase a program that I am going to review so I can give you what really is inside of the program.


What Is Cash Sniper?

Website is

Owner we don’t know who they are

Price is $9 + upsells: Upsell 1. $197 downsell of $147, Upsell 2. $177, Upsell 3. $67

Do I Recommend? Yes I recommend but I feel there are better programs out there for your money like Summit Social Academy or Wealthy Affiliate.

Upon going on website you will see a typical sales page with a sales video and some text with some testimonials which are probably fake.

There is a false scarcity tactic already off the bat in the top left corner of the web page you will see a number that slowly counts down that says “current membership spots available”.

I will be honest with you this is a sales tactic that help with getting a sale, the creators is this scarcity tactic so they can get you to buy.

I wouldn’t believe it you can come back a week from the day you went on the page and it will still be there.

The reason I say this is that the owners want to make money so why would they put a number of copies they want out there if that makes sense?

The video is full of hype I wasn’t surprised with that though most of the sales videos I have seen on these landing pages always make huge claims of money.

In this sales video to you don’t ever see the person’s face that is talking to you just words on a screen that is the spokesperson’s script.

There are some “testimonials” as you can see I put those in quotations because those aren’t real testimonials. These testimonials are fake what the owners do is hire people from a place like so they can make the program look more legit.

Those are some red flags that I have seen right off the bat which would make Cash Sniper seem like a scammy program.

One thing I can say is that this is looking at this program at face value and I don’t believe you should judge a book by its cover.

Diving Deeper Into What Cash Sniper Offers

Once you put in your details your full name and your email you will be sent to a check out page. You will then have to pay $9 at the check out page.

I mentioned above you will be led to your first upsell

Upsell 1. $197 with a video that tries to get you too buy this upsell.

“WAIT! Let Me Show You How To Make An Extra $19,400 THIS WEEK!”

Decline that you will get a downsell to the same offer above this will come out to $147.

Upsell 2. $177 with another video that tries to get you too buy this upsell.

“WAIT! You Could Make Up To $3 Million THIS YEAR With Amazon”

Upsell 3. $67 With a video that tries to get you too buy this upsell.

“Complete The Final Step: Exploit An Incredible Glitch To TRIPLE You Profits”

I didn’t buy any of these upsells to Cash Sniper I only wanted to buy that front end program of $9.

The Training Inside Of Cash Sniper

After all the upsells and the downsell you will finally get to the members’ area looks like this.

Cash Sniper's Members AreaINTRODUCTION: You can see this is John Crestani webinar to his program called The Super Affiliate System.

CASH SNIPER MAIN GUIDE: This is an 11 page PDF that goes into how to build a niche website with Amazon.

Now I will say this PDF isn’t going to have enough information on it that will make you thousands of dollars in a short amount of time.

The PDF on how to build a niche website with Amazon is only enough to give you the basic things. Get you a domain and hosting, pick a niche so you can find products on Amazon to promote on your sit, onsite and offsite SEO (search engine optimization), how to put keywords in your review, how to write reviews, put Google Adsense on your site.

CASH SNIPER SECRET METHOD: All you get here is an 18 page PDF on how to create and grow your own YouTube channel to make money with affiliate marketing.

This information you can find how to create and grow a YouTube channel by a simple Bing or Google search. This is really nothing new in this PDF you learn how to pick a niche. Find affiliate products, how to do SEO on the videos to get them to rank.

CASH SNIPER X: In this section you will be given a 40 page PDF on how to get a website started and use that website as a way to build a squeeze page and or landing page. They mention ClickFunnels which is a way to make sales funnels it is expensive $97 a month for the cheapest plan. They do mention an alternative to Click Funnels which is Instabuilder which is a premium plugin for wordpress.

In the PDF you will get taught on how to find solo ad providers to get leads into your email list so you can grow and promote to so you can make sales. You will also learn how to do basic Facebook ads the do’s and don’t’s with FB. Also, how to use social media in order to get leads into your email list.

CASH SNIPER PROFIT BOOSTER: This is another 24 PDF on how to do affiliate marketing this is nothing new it is basic things that they mention. How to get started with affiliate marketing, what sites to go to find affiliate products, how to write a good offer request to promote a product, drive traffic, product reviews.

I wasn’t surprised when I got into the training that I wasn’t going to get a lot I knew it was all going to be basic information that I already know.

Something I will say is that for me I would’ve liked this front end product more if there were some videos along with the PDF’s.

At least the owners of Cash Sniper gives you something for your $9 that end up giving them.

Do I believe this training is worth the $9? To be honest yes, I do think it is worth that money what I didn’t like is the fact that they go from one thing to another.

It would’ve been better if they could have stayed on with just one way instead of making a few shorts PDF’s on multiple different ways.

The reason I say this is that the amount of information that you get isn’t enough to make you rich. It is enough information to let you get a grasp of what you should do but not enough to make you really understand that is my opinion though.

Is Cash Sniper A Scam Or Legit?

Some would say that Cash Sniper is a scam since you don’t get much from this front end product and the fact all the hype with the sales video.

In my opinion no I believe this is a legit front end product and program now are the back end upsells worth the money? To be honest I can’t really answer that because I never seen what information is actually provided in there you know?

Now that I know what is in the front end offer I can say that you won’t get a lot for your money but you can’t expect mind blowing information for only a small fee of $9.

The only way I can say this is a scam is if you didn’t get anything for your money if they just took your money and ran then yeah it would be a scam.

You are getting value you just aren’t getting a lot of value you can check out my recommendation on how to make money online here.

Affiliate Marketing is a legit business model that is used to make money online by a lot of people in the online space. YouTube another way to use affiliate marketing and a blog is to all of these ways you learn how to make money online it is a legit way.

The thing is you will need a lot more in order to actually implement these strategies to make money. To be honest with you Affiliate Marketing and using SEO to build a business will take time and hard work in order to make enough to fire your boss.

You can’t just create a website write a few reviews and see the traffic and sales come in it can take months of work and sometimes even longer in order to make a full time income online.

What it comes down to is you and how much work that you put into your own business. You can’t quit you have to stay working and putting out quality content in order to make the money you want online.

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