Referral Pay

What Is Referral Pay?

Website is

It is totally free to sign up with a $25 sign up bonus

We don’t know who the owners are

when it comes to this Referral Pay Scam what makes this site so intriguing and have you sign up is because

  1. You can sign up for free who doesn’t like free things right?
  2. You can get paid quick money by doing easy things like referring people or tasks.

The thing is with this company and others like it here are a few I have done scam reviews on.

Clout Bucks, Kids Earn Cash, Notion Cash, Viral Dollars (used to be Viral Pay),

The sad thing is they keep popping up or changing their URLs in order to get away from the negative reviews on them. Also, so they can keep up with the scam so they can keep making money off your information you provide them.

Legit Get Paid To sites like these right here:

SwagBucks, Podcoin, Instagc

There are many more out there but those are a few I have personally done a review on.

Now if you don’t know what Get Paid to sites are they are a way to get paid money from you do simple tasks that these companies provide. You won’t get paid much from the legit get paid to sites but you can earn some money in the end.

How Does Referral Pay Work?

The way Referral Pay works is just like any other get paid to site out there. You get paid to do tasks like refer people, do surveys, download apps, watch videos, the list goes on.

There is a big difference between Referral Pay and all these other LEGIT GPT sites is that there is a high payout for referring people to this Referral Pay Scam. Signing up for a free account gives you $25 (legit ones don’t pay you this much), you can get tasks on the task wall that can earn you up to $30 or more a pop.

I see this I am like this is some BS there is no way this site can pay you $30 or more to download an app the legit sites don’t even pay that much. Usually you will get paid a few points per app sometimes even a few hundred or a thousand depending on the app, the thing is these points don’t cost much.

For instance Instagc pays out in point the catch is when you look around and see how much their points add up to in USD it is only 1 cent per point.

So if you have 100 points you only have $1 in your account. This is pretty low compared to Referral Pay which pays out $30 or more for a task.

Another task that you can get paid for is through submitting a video to YouTube they give you everything that you need to submit the video and make it rank so others will see.

The tags, description, title of video then give them your video link Referral Pay Scam Will Pay you $50?

They may put $50 in your Referral Pay dashboard but you won’t get paid at all when you go to cash out.

I did this in my Clout Bucks Scam Video where I had put in the URL for (at one point it was a working site). Once you punch in that URL it will redirect you to Clout Bucks (

To me if you are a legit website you wouldn’t change your URL to a different URL and change your name entirely now would you? The only way I see them doing this is because they are a scam and trying to deceive you and others for your information.

How Is Referral Pay A Scam?

I mentioned above that you get a free account with a bonus of $25 that is how they get you into their scam. Then they want your PayPal information first and last name, email address, password.

Once they get your information they take it and sell it to others. Yep you heard that right they may not be taking your money but your information which to a lot of us that is worth more than a few bucks.

You see these scams like Referral Pay, Clout Bucks (used to be Kids Earn Cash), Notion Cash, Viral Dollars (used to be Viral Pay).

They all things in common which are nice looking sites which say you can get $25 for a free account, you can get $500 today, $30 per task.

The kicker is when it comes to referring people to Referral Pay you can get paid $5 per click and $10 per sign up. To be honest that just isn’t true you won’t even get paid that much for referring people to legit sites like the ones listed above.


I wouldn’t trust them at all with your information they are lying and deceiving innocent people of your personal information they will not pay you one cent. They might have you believe you will but you won’t get paid it is sad to see scams like this out there.

Now I can’t stop you from signing up to Referral Pay or any of these other sites you can do what you want we all can make our own decisions. Just remember that if you do sign up that your information is on the line here and others that you refer to this sites.

Do your research and really look at these things with a fine tooth comb because there are a lot of scams out there some look like legit sites. In reality, they are a wolf dressed up in sheep’s clothing waiting for the right time to make their moves.

Leave all your comments below I would love to hear your thoughts on this Referral Pay Scam or any of the others I mentioned above.

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