Welcome to my Podcoin Review – Can You Really Make Money? Podcoin

I recently found this app (you can check it out on IOS and on Android) through an ad on a phone game I was playing, it looked like an interesting thing so I downloaded the app.

It is free who doesn’t like free things right?

In this Podcoin review you will find out if you can make money with Podcoin or if this phone app is not worth your time. Let’s get into the review.


What Is Podcoin?

Website site is https://www.podcoin.com/

You can get the app for FREE + 120 PC

Owner of Podcoin and team check them out here https://www.podcoin.com/team

I mentioned above I had found this Podcoin app on an ad through a phone game I was playing when I seen this app peaked my interest so I downloaded this app.

The reason why this app peaked my interest is that it reminded me of a spin on GPT (Get Paid To) sites like SwagBucks. Get Paid To sites are ways to get paid a small amount of pocket money to do tasks for examples surveys, downloading apps, watch videos, refer friends the list goes on.

The difference that Podcoin is compared to a site like SwagBucks or any other GPT site is you can get paid just for listening to podcasts.

I don’t know about you but there are some interesting podcasts out there that I listen to on a daily when I am at work and to get paid just for tuning in that is a cool thing to me don’t you think?

There is a catch though you will not get rich off of just listening to podcasts all day long, the reason this is that GPT sites and others like it they don’t pay much money.

Any GPT sites that tells you otherwise are lying and they are scams for example

This a few of the many scams out there that are free to sign up and you get paid high dollar for tasks. In reality, you don’t get paid at all you are giving them your information then they will most likely sell it for their profit.

Back to Podcoin you may not get rich, it is a cool idea to get paid a small amount for you to listen to your favorite podcasts.

You can also refer people and you will get PC (points) for each referral I will get back to that later on.

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How Does Podcoin Work?

This is simple all you have to do is listen to your favorite podcasts and you get paid also by referring friends and family or whoever with your referral link you are provided when you sign up.

In order to get earn the PC which are the points you will get you have to do this one thing other than refer people.

1 PC For Every 10 Minutes That You Listen When On The App.

I know what you are thinking this is not a lot of points for the amount of time you will listen on the Podcoin app.

You can’t expect much anyway from a GPT site or app in this case, if you really look at it how they get paid is through ad revenue. Any GPT site is the same way they provide the traffic while the advertisers pay the site or app the money.

Look at YouTube as an example

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and seen ads on these videos? Well this is how the creators to the video get paid also YouTube gets paid to. The thing is the amount of money that you get paid from YouTube isn’t much it can range from a few cents to a dollar or so.

You can check out my blog on 4 ways to get paid on YouTube

This is the same with blogs to some but not all blogs people that own these blogs will monetize their website with ads. There are a few different companies that you can apply and get ads put on your site for this example I will mention one that is Google Adsense.

In short Google Adsense is what YouTube uses since Google owns YouTube.

Back To The Podcoin Review

The PC’s that you get you can redeem them for gift cards, or give your PC’s to a charity of your choosing.Podcoin Rewards

The picture shown here is a few of the different offers that you can redeem your PC’s for.

There are a few others if you scroll down you will see offers to give your PC’s to charity they list different ones you can donate to.

Scroll down a little more they have offers that says long term which have offers for you to redeem for a $50 Amazon gift card= 20,000 PC, Eco Spot= 60,000 PC, or a Quietcomfort 35 Headphones for 120,000 PC.

Looking at these offers you will have to save up a lot of Podcoin’s in order to get any of the higher quality things.

Even a $2 Amazon gift card is going to cost you 1,200 PC that is a lot of listening to your favorite podcasts.

How Does The Podcoin Referral Program Work?

Podcoin Referral ProgramLooking at this picture you can see you can refer your friends and family and whoever wants to click your Podcoin referral link to earn PC’s.

For every referral that you refer to Podcoin you will get 150 PC and your referral gets the same.

Inviting up to 4 people can get you 600 PC.

This is where you will earn the most PC and how you will earn faster compared to just listening to podcasts. 150 PC for 1 referral compared to 1 PC for 10 minutes of listening. You can see what will get you more you know?

Now I will mention that even by referring people to Podcoin this still won’t get you rich quick or anything like that.

All of these Get Paid To sites are there for you to make you pocket change over time but not there to make you rich.

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Can You Really Make Money With Podcoin?

The short answer is YES, you can can make money with Podcoin.

As I mentioned above this is something to give you an incentive to listen to podcasts and get paid a little for doing it.

I thought this was an interesting concept because all the others are doing long surveys and what not, but with this app it is something you can do without actually doing anything.

You can be driving down the road and actually make some PC’s while listening to a podcast that you enjoy you know?

Wanting to get started with Podcoin you can click here.

Even though you may not make a lot of money doing this I think Podcoin is better than a lot of other get paid to sites but that is just my opinion.

With all of that out-of-the-way let me know what you think of this interesting app that you can get on IOS and Android down in the comments below.

I am going to be using this app more than I will any other Get Paid To this is that I would rather listen to my favorite podcasts then doing a boring survey that I might not be qualified for you know?


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