Welcome to my Moolavine Review – Is Moolavine A Scam?

I have come across this program a few times despite it being launched around the summer of 2018 I seen it was being promoted.

I why not give Moolavine a look to see what it is about and if Moolavine is a scam or a legit way to make money online.

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What Is Moolavine?

Website is

Price is “free” to join and email and password (at first I’ll get to where you have to pay later). With a $20 a month upsell another upsell to Dualsqueeze for one time fee of $97 (usually you pay $27 a month).

Owner/Creator is Bryan Winters

I had come across Moolavine in an email this program looked interesting so I watched the sales video which was only a few minutes long.

The person in the video says he is Bryan Winters shows a few pictures of him, his family and some passions of fishing and music.

In this short video he talks about his life and touches on how Moolavine works and how it can benefit you and others that want to make money online.

I will mention the one thing I liked about this sales video is Bryan Winters didn’t show huge thousand dollar days and say you can make those to. Why I mention this is that usually on sales videos you see a lot of fluff and hype with huge amounts of money being thrown around.

All you need to get started is an email and password than you will be sent to another video which is a small upsell of $20 a month.

I mentioned above that is “FREE” to join in quotations since it is free to a point. This upsell is optional as the owner Bryan Winters puts it takes a lot of the work out of it.

Moolavine Works Like This

In this video of the Upsell he goes into more detail saying that in order to make money with Moolavine. You have to recruit people into your “vine” (downline at least that’s how I see it).

The more people you recruit the more potential money you can make with this Moolavine System. The catch is you have to keep your account in the green or Green Day’s as Bryan Winters puts it.

What this means is you have to buy a certain product from authorized dealers like ClickBank or JVZoo to have your account in the green in or see to be qualified to make money from your “vine”.

In order to buy you have to ask the person that referred you to Moolavine so they can get their affiliate link for the product you want to buy. You than buy from that affiliate link and anybody in your “vine”does the same thing you did and you get the commission.

As long as your account is in the green you can make money with this system that’s if you have traffic coming to your link for Moolavine and they sign up.

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Back To The Upsell

I mentioned the upsell of $20 a month (he did mention in the second video it is usually $30 a month), this upsell takes out all this work.

How is that?

Just say you purchased the upsell now your account is in the green all the time so you won’t have to keep buying products from ClickBank or JVZOO. In order to keep your account in the free and qualified to make commissions.

What is going on here is yeah your account is free, but in order to make money with Moolavine you have to make sure you buy products in order to stay in the green and make commissions.

Or buy into the upsell pay $20 a month to stay in the green and just recruit people to that Moolavine link. That you get when you sign up than they buy a product from your affiliate link that you get paid a commission.

Moolavine Traffic Co-op

They only provide one traffic methods here that is through their traffic co-op it is not free traffic and it is not guaranteed you will make money.

In order to get this traffic you have to pay $40 for one share plus about $8 for admin fee. You can buy more shares if you want to though.

These shares are put into a pool of traffic that they already have and they have it start at the first of the month. So the more shares the more potential sales you could get.

There is no training on how to get free traffic that I have seen so far in the back office. They just offer the paid traffic co-op which is cool paid traffic does make you money but it doesn’t cost you money.

You will have to have a budget in order to make money with this system unless you already have a way of getting free traffic.

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Is Moolavine A Scam?Moolavine

I wouldn’t say Moolavine is a scam there is a chance for you to make some money if you are willing to go through all the steps I mentioned above.

This sounds to me like a short term type of opportunity a way to make some quick money if you are an experienced marketer.

The reason I say this is that when you are first starting out online you won’t make money fast it will take time in order to to this.

The life blood of any business online or offline is TRAFFIC if you don’t have traffic you won’t make money online or offline you know?

Moolavine maybe legit a newbie won’t make money unless they pay for paid ads, slowly build a following on social media, through a blog or on YouTube.

Even though it is made to seem like an easy thing to to get a link and drive traffic to that link in reality it is easier said than done.

You will need traffic that is willing to buy what you are offering if you are offering something someone doesn’t want you may get a click but you won’t get a sale.

The hardest part is getting traffic to this offer and to be honest with you a lot of the times ClickBank, doesn’t have a lot of good offers that can help you in the mmo (money making online) niche.

JVZoo I have seen some decent products come from there but even than there are some pretty bad products there to.

Yeah you could promote what you want to even if it is junk that isn’t the best move to to since you want to build trust with your audience. You don’t want to give them junk with hopes of making huge money in a short amount of time and than they are let down because the hopes were falsely given.

You want to give value and is Moolavine value?

For me not really but that is my opinion you may have a different thought on this you know?

How You Can Create Your Own Online Business Like Me

I actually use the same business model as Moolavine but they are doing it a bit different.

This is called Affiliate Marketing I will list the steps below on how this business model works

Want to have a more in-depth post on how affiliate marketing works click here to read it.

Here are the short steps to make this work.

  1. Pick a niche and or topic
  2. Create a website around that niche
  3. Find affiliate programs in your niche
  4. Write content on that niche
  5. Put your affiliate links in these posts
  6. Drive traffic to your website
  7. People read your post click your affiliate links and buys you will get a commission.

Even though what Moolavine and Bryan Winters is doing is technically affiliate marketing His way of doing it is what he calls it “reverse affiliate marketing. In short instead of you find others to buy your offer people come to you and buy your offer.

Like I said Moolavine is not a scam I just don’t really reccomend it.

These Green Day’s that you have to keep up in order to make money is crazy. The way I see it is that they are using this to make you either spend more money. By giving your sponsor more money by all the products that you buy. Since they to get a commission from everything that you buy through their links.

Also every dollar that you spend is equal to a day in the green. An example you buy something from ClickBank they is $10 that is 10 days in the green. For those ten days you can make money from your “vine”, once out of those Green Day’s no money comes to you.

Or they have you buy the upsell of $20 a month when you don’t have to buy products to stay in the Green Day’s so this will save you money. Even than if you don’t have the money to spend on traffic and you don’t have free traffic coming in how will you make money?

The answer is you won’t make money this Moolavine System maybe legit but it is a money pit in the making.

That is why I like free traffic coming from my blog, YouTube, social media like Instagram and Facebook. Then I don’t have to pay money for traffic I can get it for free just by leveraging it you know.?

Want to get started click here to find out more

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