This is my Kaboom Traffic Review – Legit Or A Scam?Kaboom Traffic

I came across this program through a YouTube video I am subbed to their channel.

In the video she talked about how this program worked I found out you can start for free and get free traffic.

I decided to sign up and see how everything worked, you will get an insiders view of how KT works.

Keep reading and you will find out if Kaboom Traffic is legit or a scam.

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What Is Kaboom Traffic?

Website is

Price is free to sign up

Recommend? This depends

I have always been the type to be skeptical about almost anything out there until I am convinced it is legit.

The program is free to start the only time that you will have to pay money is if you want to buy ads (I will get into that later).

On the website there is a video that is only a few minutes long for you to watch that goes a bit into how this program works.

I never really believe these sales videos because they can have a bit of hype in them this one wasn’t as bad as others though.

After listening to the video al you have to do is put in your name, phone number, email and password so you can login to your account.

One thing that you will notice on the page of signing up with the video there are a lot of banner ads.

Refreshing the page the banner ads will change which means the offers will change.

I will be honest with you those banner ads got a bit annoying every page that you went on when you signed up banner ads everywhere.

Keep reading my Kaboom Traffic review so you can find out how this works to make you money and if this program is right for you.

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How Does Work?

After signing up on you will be in the back office where you can set up everything.

There isn’t a lot of training to be honest there is only about two videos that I could find that help you get started.

One of the videos is to teach you how to create your banner ads with Canva the other is teach you how to put your primary business in Kaboom Traffic.

What this means is that you can make money in two ways through the banner ads that promote KT and your primary business.

For instance your primary business is the opportunity that you promote the most if that makes sense?

The only time you have to pay money is so you can buy an ad pack there are a few different ones.

The cheapest ad pack that you an buy is $97 your banner ads will run for 60 days the other plans are.

  • $194 for 120 days
  • $291 for 180 days
  • $388 for 240 days
  • $485 for 300 days
  • $582 for 360 days

When ever your ad pack runs out you will have to renew your ad pack.

Where Does The Traffic Come From?

From my understanding the traffic is coming from the site you signed up on.

I mentioned above the website is littered with banner ads that all have their own offers on.

Once you click on one banner ad you will be sent to someones offer, same with the next ad the cycle continues.

They claim you can make money with just a free account, once you make your banner ad and it is accepted.

You banner ad will be put in a rotation on the site that can be put in front of peoples eyes, which can you sales.

The ad packs are supposed to help you get more traffic to your offers on the banner ads that you create.

Kaboom Traffic does offer already made for you banner ads if you don’t want to create your own.

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Affiliate Program

Yes, they offer an affiliate program when you sign up which is pretty cool.

As a free member you can make money by promoting KT now from what the video said you can make $10 for every ad pack that someone purchases.

Now if you buy into an ad pack and you refer someone to you will earn $50 + $10 override bonus for every personal upgraded member sales.

You can also earn $50 override bonus for every personal free members sales and earn another $10 on a sale of an ad pack no matter who sold this ad pack.

Keep reading there is more to know in this Kaboom Traffic review

Is Kaboom Traffic Legit Or A Scam?

To be honest some would say this is a scam since you are not getting much except for a free account an a possible traffic source.

Others might think this is legit since there is a potential to make sales through these banner ads.

My opinion I believe with Kaboom Traffic you can possible make sales.

The biggest thing is for me is that if you look at it everybody that signs up are trying to find traffic for their offers.

With that being said if you already have a business that you are promoting heavily why would you want to promote something else?

I do know that people do promote multiple programs and some jump ship a lot.

The thing is that most of these people are trying to get traffic for them and make sales for them.

They aren’t trying to find another opportunity to promote some might come an sign up.

The reality of it is that you won’t get as much sales as you would think you would.

I feel like the ways you will make money with this program is to promote to others.

So market KT to your followers and get sales that way you will likely get more money that way then relying on KT traffic to get sales.

I don’t really recommend but try it if you want to that is totally up to you.

Also here  are some other things I wanted to touch on in this Kaboom Traffic Review.

I have seen some banner ads on their site that I have seen from others one was from the person I seen the video talking about KT.

The other ad I had seen was from someone who is promoting a new system called Digital Income System you can check out my blog about that here.

Both of those banners were linked to their main business opportunity, the one that made the video led to Leaderboard Affiliate (I will review soon).

The other person I had mentioned led to her main business opportunity which was to Digital Income System.

Just from seeing that I do know that the banner ads once you click that banner ad you will be going through that person’s affiliate link.

Once you buy that person will get a commission from you this is how affiliate marketing works.

There is a “chance” that you could make sales with this Kaboom Traffic opportunity but there is no guarantee that you will.

I won’t say is a scam, but I don’t exactly recommend it though if you want to try that is up to you.

I can’t say anybody will make money with this or any other system because it really comes down to you and the action that you take you know?

Building an online business takes work and this seems like it could work but I can’t say if anybody will be willing to buy.

All that is happening is you are getting potential traffic from the people that sign up to Kaboom Traffic.

What increases the odds of your banner being seen is by buying into the ad packs which range in price.

Being a free member can potentially get you some clicks to your main business and possibly some sales.

I believe it can be a way to get traffic to your links but I wouldn’t put too much into it though that is just me though.

Let me know what you think of what you thought of this Kaboom Traffic review?

Do you think it is legit?

Do you think it is a scam?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below of what your opinions are of

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