I had just came across this website by the name of Copy The Millionaire today in an email from someone that is promoting this program.

I watched the video that was about 10 minutes in this Copy the Millionaire Review I will let you decide if Copy The Millionaire is a scam or not.


What Is Copy The Millionaire?




Jeff Lerner

To be honest this Copy The Millionaire is just a sales page that has the scarcity sales tactic here is a picture of what I mean.Is Copy The Millionaire A Scam?

This scarcity tactic can come in different ways in the way they use it on this sales page is through a timer and if the time runs out your discount expires.

You can see that the screen shot I took has a time of 16 minutes and 24 seconds left on the clock. My discount is instead of paying a $997 I will pay (anybody that comes onto this page) $1 to get my spot saved.

To be honest with you though this timer could run out and I could still pay the same amount of money to get into the system behind this sales page.

That is really all this is a sales page to tell you a story of the person that has a system that can make you money. The person in the video is Jeff Lerner all he talks about his how he has made millions of dollars.

That is if you buy into the system he has in place you can make a lot of money as well.

Now is this possible to make a few thousand with this system Jeff Lerner has in place in a short amount of time?\

Yes and no the only way you can is if you have an email list and following, now if you are new nope you won’t make a huge amount of money fast. Plus he never actually goes into detail of what the system is so this does raise some questions.

The good thing is I got you covered because I actually reviewed a similar sales page with the people in the video making the same income claims.

Copy The Millionaire Is A Sales Page For 6 Steps To Freedom

You can check out my full in depth 6 Steps To Freedom here

I had already dived into the 6 Steps To Freedom some get it for $37 me when I got it I paid only $7 in this sales page you will get it for only a dollar.

In short about 6 Steps To Freedom is that you will get into the system for this price then you will get 6 different videos to watch. You will also get a business adviser they will help you along your way and get you on your way to running your own online business.

This business adviser will also be the one that will try to up sell you on some higher priced products. In the videos you will get recommended some products that can cost a few hundred dollars a few of them are.

  • Max Value Marketing
  • The Complete Ecom Incubaor
  • Digital Consulting Bootcamp

These are a few of the up sales you can find in the 6 Steps To Freedom, you have will have to talk with your business adviser to get this product. This is actually with all those products in this list they will also recommend getting ClickFunnels and an autoresponder (Aweber).

All of these videos can range from 35 minutes all the way up to an hour long video.

Jeff Lerner is in some videos there are a few other people that are experts in their fields Aaron and Jordan are two others you will meet.

There is also a bonus video that you can watch which takes you through a tour of Jeff Lerner’s Digital Consulting Office he runs with his partner. He will interview her in this video talking about their journey together.

Is Copy The Millionaire A Scam?

The sales video has a lot of hype in it and make it seem like making money online is really easy. In reality this is just to get you into the system so they can get your money. In turn, they help you with their training to create our own business online.

No, Copy The Millionaire is not a scam it is a sales video that gets you to buy into 6 Steps To Freedom which is an actually training program.

Do I recommend you go through the sales video and buy into the 6 steps To Freedom?

Not really but hey it is a dollar right?

I just paid the money so I could see what the hype was about. I already knew the training was going to be basic and you wouldn’t actually make thousands of dollars for pay only a few bucks.


In order to make money with 6 Steps to Freedom you will have to pay the initial amount of money once you do that you will have to pay for the higher ticket products.

With a system like this in order to get the commission for any of the products you will have to buy it. For example if you were to just buy the starting product, you will only get the commission for that starting product. Since you didn’t buy the higher ticket products that can range from a few hundred into the thousands you will pass those commissions to your sponsor.

Some may not like this so 6 Steps To Freedom might not be for them especially not everyone has a few hundred or a few thousand lying around you know?

This doesn’t mean that this program is a scam this just means the price isn’t right for you.

There are other options like doing Affiliate Marketing

Any questions that you might have leave them in the comments below 

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