Recently I came across a program called 6 Steps To Freedom, I learned of this program from someone promotes it through their email (I am on their list).

I thought why not see what she is promoting clicked the link and I came to a sales funnel.


This sales video goes on for about 16 minutes after a short timer you will get a price to buy your 6 Steps To Freedom (I will go into that below).

In short the video in the sales funnel was a guy talking his name is Jordan, he talks about how there is always a shortcut in life. Examples he pointed out the clothes we wear, the food we eat with those two examples out of a couple more he talks about.

Jordan goes on to say that we took a shortcut with buying those clothes and not making them, and buying the food we took a shortcut since we didn’t grow that food. He goes on to say in life there is always a shortcut we just have to find it.

This guy Jordan tells his story on how he went from working a regular job to working with the owner of this training Jeff Lerner. It is basically a rags-to-riches type of story like you would hear in a lot of sales funnels. Let’s get into the nitty gritty of what this program is about.

In the 6 Steps To Freedom Review I will talk about everything I have found and let you decide whether 6 Steps To Freedom Is A Scam or not. I will also give you my thoughts later in the review let’s get into it.


What Is 6 Steps To Freedom?

I linked to the sales funnel above which is The thing is this is just the sales funnel this isn’t the site where you log in and start your training I’ll link that below.


The link here is where you will be led to after you buy into the 6 Steps To Freedom Training. You get an email with your log in information so you can start the training.


This actually depends on the funnel you go through. I got into the first 6 videos for $7.

There have been others that paid $49 so they could get the first 6 training videos.

In the back office you will be introduced to your “business adviser” you will book about four calls with them.

In this picture below you will see what you get for the $7 or $49 this is a one time fee.

1. The 6 Steps To Freedom Training

2. 4 live telephone mentoring sessions with your business adviser.

3. Upcoming live workshop with a $500 credit towards the next live workshop worth $500

4. Private access to our amazing online community (Facebook Group has 4,040 members)

Is There Any Worth In The First 6 Videos In 6 Steps To Freedom?

This depends on the reason being is that paying a cheap price really isn’t going to give you much. Yeah it gives you some good basic information on how to change your mindset and basic knowledge of the online world.

To be honest with you aren’t going to be making thousands of dollars from buying into the program at $7 or even $49. You can learn something if you are new if not this won’t be anything new to you and won’t be really of any value if that makes sense?

To actually get the knowledge you need in order to make money online you will need to invest in the other products they have on the back end.

Get to that a little later on.

What Is The Deal With The “Business Advisor”?

The “business adviser” is the one that is suppose to help you in your initial stages of working online. They are here to help you with questions and create a business plan for your own online business.

There is a catch to this though I am not doubting that they are running their own successful online business or other business related things. I can bet they are besides them being their to help you they will be revealing to you those back end offers.

This is where if you became an affiliate with 6 Steps To Freedom you would have to buy into these high ticket products to make your commissions.

They will be the ones selling you these high ticket products these products are where the information you need to build your online business.

You could say they are also the salesman or woman for 6 Steps To Freedom. Take a look at these two posts about similar programs that did and do the same thing.

You can check out the case the FTC has against Digital altitude here

Legendary Marketer is a high ticket program that has business coaches aka “sales people” that make the high ticket sales.

Digital Altitude is another high ticket program but they were taken down by the FTC and no longer in business.

These Business Coaches in Digital Altitude for instance some of them actually stooped really low if you couldn’t get the money to pay for the Rise and above packages.

They wanted their commissions so they would do what they could to get you to pay up your hard-earned money.

With 6 Steps To Freedom I haven’t had to deal with the business adviser say anything wrong to me. I just thought I would mention that they will try an up sell you on the higher priced products. So you can get the higher commissions when you promote the programs.

6 Videos In 6 Steps To Freedom

These videos aren’t short videos they range from around 40 minutes all the way up to an hour long.

I don’t see anything wrong with that these videos do give some value to the newbie that doesn’t know anything about affiliate marketing.

1. In the 45 minute first video it is all about mindset how to change your employee mindset to an entrepreneur mindset. No up sales yet just a little positive thinking in this one.

2. The 52 minute second video is where you end up getting your first “kind of up sell”, the product they are recommending is an ESP (email service provider). This ESP is Aweber which is an auto responder that can help you automate your business more.

Check out my post about email marketing and why it is a good way to make sales

Is Aweber a good ESP yeah for the entry level you can get it for about $19 a month.

Jeff Lerner only recommends Aweber he mentions later in the training there will be somehow to’s that include Aweber and how to integrate it with the system.

He doesn’t press using Aweber though he just says that it will make your life a little easier if you use a different ESP than the process in the videos will be different.

3. The 45 minute third video is where Jeff Lerner talks about the three most powerful business models which are Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce and Digital Consulting.

Jeff Lerner mentions in bold red letters there is no MLM’s or PYRAMIDS HERE. The crazy thing is about this statement is that you will see a lot of review saying this program is a pyramid scheme.

Is the true? To be honest we really can’t say that until the FTC says they are a pyramid scheme.

4. The 58 minute fourth video talks about the Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Revealed, it is hosted by the guy in the sales video his name is Jordan. He is one of the people that will be in the training about affiliate marketing.

You will get two up sells here one is a product called ClickFunnels this is a product they recommend you use.

The other up sell is a recommended course called MAX VALUE MARKETING – HOW TO CREATE A PASSIVE INCOME MACHINE ONLINE (without bugging your friends or family).

In order for you to get this product you have to contact your “business adviser” so there is no price you won’t find this out until you contact your coach about it.

5. The 35 minute fifth video is called E-Commerce Revealed the title gives what the video is about is to get your feet wet in E-Commerce.

There is another recommended training course here this is called The COMPLETE E-COM INCUBATOR – THE SECRETS AND TACTICS OF A $50,000/DAY E-COMMERCE STORE.

You have to ask your “business adviser” about the course this is where you will find out the price for it.

Aaron Parkinson is the person that will go through the basics on how to open up your own E-Commerce store.

6. The 70 minute sixth video is called Power House Digital Consulting in this hour and 41 minute video. Jordan talks about how digital consulting is one of the best business models out there today.

You also get a 40 minute bonus video where you go behind the scenes of Jeff Lerner’s multi-million dollar consulting agency.

There is another recommended training course just like with the last couple videos.

DIGITIAL CONSULTING BOOTCAMP – How To Create A Multiple 6-Figure Business

Helping Other Businesses Grow!

The Next Steps In 6 Steps To Freedom

After you go through all the 6 videos you will click the next button, after that the screen will say talk to your business adviser for the next steps.

Usually what this means is that your business adviser will be there to talk about the other training in the program. Basically you could call this an up sell since everything after this is locked until you talk to your business adviser.

Like you probably can already figure out these few hours spent watching these videos isn’t where the real training is. This was a little teaser for what is next to come.

I haven’t gone past this 6th step but I will say this that if you want the real training where you will learn how to implement everything in the last six videos. You will have to invest in the big ticket or high ticket training that are waiting on the inside.

Usually when a training starts out at a low cost there is a lot of the times some type of bigger up sell in the back end because the small sale training isn’t enough to get you anywhere. Just to get you enough to have some value that’s it.

These training can range from a few hundred dollars all the way up into the thousands of dollars. That is where the big ticket commission comes in, you buy a high ticket training you can have the right to resell as an affiliate and make those high ticket sales.

Is 6 Steps To Freedom A Scam?

The short answer is no 6 Steps To Freedom is not a Scam this is because you do get some value for a small amount of money.

You get training that can help you as a newbie but it isn’t enough to make you money unless you invest in the full training.

I have seen some reviews on this program saying it was straight up scam. You could tell it was a biased review it was clear they didn’t actually pay the money in these cases offered the training for $49. They would say stuff like this is a pyramid scheme, since they have a similar program to Digital Altitude and MOBE. which were both taken down by the FTC that they were scams to.


A 30 day money back guarantee is offered if you aren’t happy no questions asked on any marketing products after those 30 days are up you can’t get your money back. On subscription products you can cancel anytime since you have a whole billing period to cancel. Give at least a 3 day notice before you’re next billing period that you will cancel to give time for the billing department to get your information and you won’t be billed again.

Before I say a few more things and end this post is this.

None of the other 6 Steps To Freedom Scam Reviews I have seen never once talked about the information in the videos. They would only mention on how it is introductory training (which is true), than go on to say there are high up sells that’s about it.

Why I say their reviews are biased is because they had an incentive to promote a system they find way better than this. All these reviews would bait and switch you some a little less biased than others. In the end would recommend their # 1 training of Wealthy Affiliate.

A good program for someone who wants to only blog for a living since that is the only training they have is leveraging a blog to make money online with affiliate marketing. Or even promoting Wealthy an affiliate itself. Nothing wrong with promoting a system you find would help others.

I just don’t see how writing a review for another system but not knowing all the facts than promoting another system is right but that just might be me ha.

You can read more about that here on my post about Money Making Online Reviews Can be Deceiving

With all that’s being said always do your own research do your due diligence and don’t invest money that you know you can’t invest. There are a lot of good programs out there you just have to find one that is a right fit for


If you have any questions or any help with finding the right program for you leave them In the comments I’ll answer.

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