Welcome To My Infinity Buyer Traffic Review – Legit Or Scam?

Most of the programs I come across I get an email from someone promoting the program or product I look into it and I review it.

It is the same for Infinity Buyer Traffic I got this through an email this program sounded interesting a free way to get traffic and sales?

Well it is semi free in reality after buying it isn’t totally free if want to get your traffic on autopilot.

Keep reading below for my thoughts and whether I feel like Infinity Buyer Traffic is legit or a scam.


What Is Infinity Buyer Traffic?

Website is http://elitebonuses.com/infinity/

Price is $12.95

Owners/Creators are Fergal Downes & Aidan Corkery

Do I Recommend? Yes I do read on to see why

Getting traffic to your offers is what makes you money no traffic equals out to you getting no money.

Usually there are a few ways to get traffic free which can be done through SEO on a blog or YouTube, social media.

Then there are the paid ways of getting traffic like paid ads whether that is through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Solo Ads, PPC pay per click through the search engines.

What makes Infinity Buyer Traffic interesting is that you are getting free traffic through Facebook, but you will outsource this to a place called fiverr.

You will use a FB messenger bot to build a FB messenger mailing list, this is like having an email list but on FB instead of through an email autoresponder.

This is a new thing that has come up using FB messenger bots to build a list on your FB messenger.

The reason people are starting to use this bot is because these bots through messenger have a better clicks and click through rate than regular emails.

In turn a better percentage in clicks and click through rate can equal out to more sales in the end.

How Does Infinity Buyer Traffic Work?

You will go through the training in IBT and you will use fiverr to outsource the hard work to someone you hire on fiverr. That this the only paid part the rest is free because you are getting free traffic from Facebook.

This person will make posts put call to actions in posts you get them on your messenger bot list they get offers sent to them they buy you make money.

Now it sounds easy and you can make money fast but can you really?

Yeah you can FB messenger bots are legit and my opinion I feel like FB messenger bots will eventually be more of a go to then emails.

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Is Infinity Buyer Traffic Legit Or A Scam?

The short answer is that this program is actually LEGIT. The thing is with me is that it takes a lot for me to say something is legit or recommend something to someone unless I actually would use it myself.

I do believe you can make sales with this Infinity Buyer Traffic I may not be affiliated with them I only purchased the front end product. I never purchased the resell rights to this program so I don’t have an affiliate link for you but you can try if you want through the link at the top of the page.

What I like most about this program is the fact they are focusing on a legit free way to get traffic through Facebook.

Most programs have you using paid methods which doesn’t work for many people because they don’t have the budget for paid ads.

So a program that is newbie friendly uses a free traffic method that works is a huge plus in my books since who doesn’t like free traffic or free things in general right?

You don’t come across a lot of good or decent programs in the make money online niche usually they are not the best or scammy products.

I have found a few different programs that are legit and done reviews for them down below and you can check them all out below.

All of these are legit and good ways to make money online and create a business I do have my own person preferences on which ones I personally like.

The thing is feel like I should give multiple options because my own choice maybe different from you I will give an example of what I mean.

Look at Wealthy Affiliate you can start for free or go straight to premium the thing is with Wealthy Affiliate is if you don’t like or ant to blog Wealthy Affiliate will not be a right fit for you know?

Another example is Summit Social Academy they don’t go into only blogging but a wide range of topics and ways to make money online.

How to grow social media and how to leverage social media to grow your business and get sales. Blogging training is available also like Wealthy Affiliate.

The thing is with both of them despite them both having training that works and can help you fire your boss you have to pick which one best fits you.

One person may like Wealthy Affiliate over Summit Social Academy and it could be the same the other way around. I like them both you have to decide which ones you like.

Let me know below in the comments what you think of Infinity Buyer Traffic and or what you think of any of my recommended programs. I would love to hear what you think and how you feel about everything.

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