This is my Income Profits Review – Is Your Income Profits A Scam?

This one came across my inbox I seen the price so I decided to purchase.

I spend $9 to make up to $1,000 today? (Thier claim on thier sales page).

Income Profits claim to make $1,000 starting today.

This is a program from ClickBank. A good thing about this is if you don’t like the program.

You can get your money back 60 day monry back guarantee.

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Keep reading this Income Profits Review to find out how this works.

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What Is Income Profits?

Website is

Price is $9 plus some upsells: #1 $147 then a downsell to $97. #2 $145

Owner we just know their own name

Recommend? Yes and No, there isn’t many programs that I recommend from ClickBank. This one wasn’t all that bad you can get you copy here.

The sales page is a typical ClickBank sales page.

  • A lot of hype
  • fake testimonials
  • huge Income claims

The list goes on and on with how bad the sales page is.

I am the type of person to judge a book by its contents not its cover. So despite me not liking the sales page I purchased.

The sales video does give you a hint on what you will be doing. The fancy word they used was “Traffic Middle Man Arbitrage”.

When you get into the trading you find out they meant Affiliate Marketing. They just used a fancy word for it.

This is a legit way to make money online. I use it on this site countless of others do also.

How Does Your Income Profits Work?

I mentioned above that you will be leverageing affiliate marketing.

You will also be leveraging a blog or website to help you implement affiliate marketing.

Your Income Profits training area #1

In this section of training you will be taught in short videos. On how to create your own WordPress website.

Also how to use this bot to monetize your website with affiliate marketing. Also how to install this bot with a WordPress plugin.

These videos aren’t all that big they are a de minutes long. For a beginner they might get a bit lost.

So if you want to learn how to create a website with more comprehensive training. Click here to learn more on how you can do that.

How Does This Bot Work?

In one of the videos they show you how to put a pop up on someone else’s webspage.

This pop up will look like a gift and suppose to look like it came from the site itself. In reality it came from the bot you are using.

This bot has your affiliate link in it and if someone clicks on it. They will be suggested a ClickBank product. If they buy you will get paid a commission.

Income Profits bot on a Healthline webpage

Looking at the picture the little gift on the left hand corner of the picture. That’s is where the bot is at waiting for someone to click it.

So if they make that purchase you will get a commission.

I find this to be a sneaky way of getting potential sales.

You are kind of hijacking someone else’s traffic. In order for you to get sales.

This reminds me of a program that just launched on Warrior Plus. This program is called Traffic X Pro.

In short it takes someone else’s content like a blog post. Puts it through the program. This program rewords the post to make it look sort of unique.

Then you can post it as your own rank in the search engines. Traffic X Pro is suppose to help you get traffic and sales with very little work.

Instead Your Income Profits Bot is different then Traffic X Pro. Since you aren’t taking someone else’s hard work. Then trying to put it off as your own.

This bot is a pop up on a page is this all ethical? I will let you make that decision. Let me know what you think in the comments about this bot.

Keep reading this Income Profits Review to find out more.

The second part of the training

Income Profits Second Training

This training has some decent videos in there.

They give you enough information to understand important aspects.

I actually liked this section there is some useful information here. I may not have liked the bot training much.

This one right here is some decent training.

You will notice though that there are two different training. One is in WordPress the other is in wix.

So I wonder why that is?

I will mention that WordPress is better then wix. You can pick what’s you want to do, the training have gone through is done on WordPress.

These are legit ways to make a profit you can create your own course on udemy. Sell that course for profit and help others.

You can sell amazon products on your site which totally legit. The commissions are low but you can still make money with it.

Etsy is another way to make money with a physical product you created. Like art, anything like that you can sell on Etsy.

Plus this program gives you some free and paid methods. That is something I like about this program is they give you multiple ways to get traffic.

It isn’t like they give yo only one way to get traffic to your affiliate offers.

There is also a case study which is pretty interesting to see since you don’t see that much.

Your Income profits is looking like a decent program. It isn’t perfect but it is t all that bad.

I have seen way worse and ClickBank doesn’t host many good programs. Look at AZ Sniper for instance this is on crappy program.

All there was is PDF’s that we’re super short. There was nothing in those PDFs that you couldn’t find in the internet for free.

These crappy programs are what give ClickBank a bad rap. There are a few diamonds inside of ClickBank you just have to find them.

Is Income Profits A Scam?

I wouldn’t say Income Profits is a Scam at all. You do get training it may not be the best but it isn’t the worst.

There is enough training to get you started. To be honest I would recommend Income profits and my number one way to make money online. This is called Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate fills in the holes that Your Income Profits doesn’t have.

If you are wanting to learn how to make money online then click here and build your own business.

Let me know what you think of Income Profits in the comments below I hope this Income Profits Review helped you in deciding whether this program is the right fit for you.

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