Welcome To My Goodwill Review – Is Goodwill A Scam Or Legit?

This is a new product that came out a few days ago I purchased through an email I had received which the purchase was done on Warrior+ (warrior plus).

I thought I would buy it and see if Goodwill was a scam or a legit way to make money online.

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With any product that you see either through email or by just searching in the watch engines always do you due diligence and research.

Sometimes these products seem good on the front end but on the inside it really isn’t. Is that the case with Goodwill? Is Goodwill actually all hype? Or is there more to it then just a cheap price tag?

Keep reading you will find out more in my Goodwill Review.


What Is Goodwill Anyway?

Website is https://www.whygoodwill.rocks/goodwill

Owners/Creators Brendan Mace

Price for Goodwill is $12.95 plus upsells 1. Pro Upgrade $47 2. Steal Our Brand $197 3. Limitless Traffic $197 4. Done With you $397 5. Goodwill Resell License $167

I only purchased the front end offer of $12.95 I didn’t buy any of the Ipsells that are in the funnel.

Once you get on the sales page there is a sales video I didn’t watch it for some reason I couldn’t I am guessing because I was on a phone I can’t say for sure though.

There is text below the video talking about how you could make thousands without selling a thing to someone. Hmm this sounds interesting this got my attention.

Brendan goes to say that he was a bit confused like us and all he wanted to do is give something away for free. That is when all the sales and or commissions came in.

In short the whole funnel is talking about how it is easier to give away something for free than to actually sell something to people.

I actually believe this because who doesn’t like free things right? I know I love free things so I believe this.

So this is how Goodwill came to Brendan’s mind to create a product that will create Goodwill with people.

Basically by giving something for free and getting commissions at the same time.

How can you give something away for free at the same time earn commissions I thought it was free?

How it all works is usually you will buy a product that has a front end offer usually really cheap depending on between $9-$40 sometimes a little more.

Then there are the back end offers, oto’s (one time offers) or upsells some of the different names that get used.

Well after you buy that front end offer you get upsold the back end higher priced product this is where the bigger commissions are made.

What had happened in Brendan’s case is that it was his birthday and he wanted to give a product of his away for free because it was his birthday not expecting to make any money.

He woke up the next day check his accounts and seen he made commissions of thousands of dollars.

He didn’t know why until he really looked at it and seen he made these commissions from then product he just gave away for free.

As I mentioned above there is always a front end offer then the back end upsells, in this case the front end offer was free the back end offers or upsells are optional like always.

That is where Brendan made his commissions from those back end sales.

All because he gave away a product for free people that got it for free seen the upsells and purchased them even though they didn’t need to.

What Is Inside Of Goodwill What Do You Get?

In the case of Goodwill you will get 8 training videos on few different traffic sources mostly paid but a few free. How to use ManyChat in order to get sales, how to disguise your link, YouTube video, Erik Cagy’s Facebook strategy, traffic suggestions, Goodwill landing page done for you.

There is a free account you can make with their free traffic software which doesn’t cost you anything at all.

This is where your freebie comes into play the one where you will give away for FREE and get commissions from the back end sales.

All you have to do is once you buy into Goodwill you will find everything in your back office. All you will do is request your affiliate link and once you’re approved you will be sent the landing page with your affiliate link in it to give away to your viewers or followers.

That is all you get is some videos with how everything works and some training I will say despite this only having a small amount of videos and what not.

The value in what they offer is a worth way more that what they are offering for it $12.95 that’s pretty dang cheap if you ask me.

Is Goodwill A Scam Or Legit?

My honest opinion is that Goodwill is 100% legit and worth the money I can’t give my opinion on any of the upgrades though since I never purchased them.

I have always believed in I can give a product 100% Scam or legit labor unless I actually have tried it or purchased the profit you know?

I know there are exceptions to this fact because there are products out there that you can tell straight up that they are not worth the money or time.

With Goodwill though I will say this is one of the better programs or products that I personally have purchased.

There are a lot of junk product and or programs out there to find a good one is almost like trying find a needle in a haystack.

Here are a few different programs that I personally invested time and money in and recommend if you want to try out for yourself read the reviews linked below.

Those are a few of the reviews of products or programs that I personally recommend you can try them if you want that is up to you to decide.

With All That Being Said

I am glad I found a product that is legit and that I can recommend to others. I do my best to weed out the scammy not so good products and find the ones that can help you make ones online.
I know for a fact not everybody is going to like one program someone else recommends because we aren’t all that same.

For instance if you don’t like blogging then a program that revolves around blogging wouldn’t work for you. On the other hand that same program you don’t like it might be the perfect fit for someone else you know?

That is why I do my best to find good products so you can decide whether it is a good fit for you.

I am here to help you find a way to GET OUT OF THE 9 TO 5 so you live out your dreams and work for yourself and not a boss you know?

Any comments question and or thoughts leave them in the comments below

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