This is my review – is Fif-Tri another data harvesting scam?

I actually found this website today through a video someone was saying this could be a scam.

Can you really get paid $7 to read a news article and $50 for each involved partner?

I don’t feel it is possible to do this Fif-Tri reminds me of some other data harvesting scams I have reviewed.

The list goes on and on it seems like the scams are all over the place.

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What Is Fif-Tri?

I mentioned above I seen this company through a video, since I have reviewed all those scams above this seemed a little too good.

So I went and signed up and looked at what the site has to offer and to be honest it is a really simple site.

On you will notice a sign up form, how the affiliate program work, about the company.

What got my feelings of this not really being a legit GPT site is the fact how much you get paid for tasks and referrals.

This site is a little different then the scams I listed above in the way of you can only refer and read news articles.

I wouldn’t put your real information in the sign up form or any personal information at all.

These data harvesting scams are here to sell you a dream in order to make themselves money.

Fif-Tri does the same take your information and sell it to the scammers, hackers and others for profit.

Data is big money and that is what they want is your personal details so they can do this.

People do fall for it look at Clout Pay people are still sharing their referral link despite the scam being exposed.

I don’t blame them since it is the scammers that are lying to people and preying on people wanting fast money.

In the online world you can’t make money fast like these Scam GPT (get paid to) sites.

Legit GPT sites they pay you pennies and sometimes a few bucks for a task like SwagBucks, Instagc, Podcoin.

Keep reading this review to find out more.

How Does Fif Tri Work?

There is only two things that you can do to make this “money” with this site.

You either have to refer people which will give you $50 and 15% of your partners everyday earnings.

Now I don’t see how they can pay you this much money for a referral.

Legit GPT sites like I said only a few pennies or a dollar or two but not $50 for a referral.

I wouldn’t recommend you refer people if you did though you would share you referral link to others.

This is how these scammers get you like they want to sell you a dream.

Fast money and with little to no work and then you refer because you see the money in your account go up.

Also you get $7 for reading a news article but in reality it really isn’t a real news article. news

It is a snippet of something these people made up you put an answer in the box after solving the math problem.

They say the reason you do this is so they can tell if you are a robot or not.

Just like what a captch does when you are on a site and they want you to put in some numbers and letters.

You will not get $50 per referral and you will not get $7 for reading a fake news article.

It is an illusion to make you believe you will get paid by every task that you complete the number goes up.

Also another red flag and why I believe Fif Tri is a scam is because cashing out you have to get your money up to $990.

That wouldn’t be hard to get that since the price for a referral is so high $50 and the news articles are $7.

Keep reading this review so you can what is next.

How Is A Scam?

I mentioned above that you can’t make $50 for a referral not even a legit GPT site pays that.

There is no terms and conditions, privacy policy, income disclaimer or any legal pages on their site.

There is a FAQ but those questions are nothing new and simple to see this site is a scam.

The amount of money they claim you can make is unrealistic but it is always good to have a post exposing scams.

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