Dumb Little Cash Makers Review Is It A Scam?

Some if not most of the money making online programs I come across make it seem so easy to make money online. They always have a catchy name to draw you in their sales videos are all hype with income claims and how good their lives are.

You come realize that what they claim isn’t reality you know?

In this post I will be reviewing a money making online program that claims money in a short amount of time. This program is called Dumb Little Cash Makers.

I am not affiliated with DLCM at all I did purchase this product and I will give my thoughts on DLCM.

In this Dumb Little Cash Makers Review you will get all the information I have come across through buying the program and research on it.

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What Is Dumb Little Cash Makers?


http://www.dumblittlecashmakers.com Dumb Little Cash Makers Owner Bryan Winters


Bryan Winters



I actually found out what Dumb Little Cash Makers was through another system Bryan Winters has made called Zippo Pay.

I won’t get into much detail about that now that is for another post. It is a system to make money with a pay button called Zippo Pay. Bryan Winters in the sales video claims you get commissions from having others click on this Zippo Pay Button.

I will say It seems to me that from what the sales video was talking about you get sent to the Dumb Little Cash Makers product. This is where your commissions come from if you decide to be an affiliate for DLCM (more on that later).

This DLCM product was only $10 I decided why not check it out and see if it is any good or not here is what I found out.

After going through the sales video which is a hyped up video talking about this opportunity and how much money it has made Bryan Winters. There is also a transcript of what he says in the video down below it so If you don’t want to watch the video you can just read what he says.Dumb Little Cash Makers Review Is It A Scam?

Looking to your left you will se a screen shot with some texts I took to show you what he says in portions of the video.

I have seen a lot of people claim this is the first time anybody has ever seen this method. Even saying to do this is effortless.

Yep if you read the text on the bottom of the picture it says his product is a 12 page PDF. Just say you pay the $10 for this all you get is a 12 page PDF that you can read in a few minutes.

As you scroll down the page you will notice a price of $97 don’t click it if you don’t want to pay that amount. Bryan Winters even mentions that in small print, because the discounted price of $10 is below.

I paid the $10 then downloaded the PDF after watching the hyped up sales video read through the whole PDF. To be honest was it really worth $10 probably not but it was cheap so I guess you get what you pay for right?

What Is In The Dumb Little Cash Makers PDF?

The free traffic Bryan talks about in this PDF is using Facebook Market place to get all your traffic.

He mentions that you will go and find hot items people are in search of at this point in time. Once you find those items you go to places like.

1. AliExpress.com find cheap products to sell on Facebook Market Place.

2. Alibab.com So you can step up your game when you find a hot item to get those items for cheaper.

He does mention drop shipping a bit in this PDF check the link out to see more on that. In short drop shipping is tactic where a supply chain will not have any goods in their own possession. Someone will order from them this person will send the order details and shipping information onto another retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer so they can ship out the product to the person who ordered.

In the PDF when Bryan Winters mentions drop shipping that you don’t always have to own the products you want to sell in order to make this work. All you have to do is when people respond to your Facebook Market place ad you (Through a Facebook Message).

You will message them back saying you will have to do the exchange in a week or two since you are not available right now. Then say you will be in contact with them in a week or two when you are able to do the exchange.

The reason he states this is because with places like Aliexpress, Alibaba, even Wish most of the time you will have to deal with long shipping times. Most of the items are coming from China so you have to wait for the shipping process to be complete.

Also, with Facebook Market Place it is like Craigslist you are looking for items locally (most of the time). In this example doing this will reduce the chances of a sale but not totally.

This is why you will want to buy a few items you feel you can sell fast so you can make money. The best method is once you get the product you want to sell you will end up placing your ad people will respond, you make a date to do the exchange and be on your way.

This is how you are making your money with this system finding items at a low cost sell them a little higher so you can make a profit in the end. You keep making Facebook Market Place ads about the same product or others and sell them to the people wanting to buy.

Bryan Winters mentions on selling products also at local events you have going on where you can buy a booth or even at your local fair. This way will cost you more money though this is because you have to pay for the product then pay for the booth. In his example he paid $400 his booth at the fair but made a profit while there.

DLCM Affiliate Program & DYF Club

Yep, you can become an affiliate DLCM and make commissions for promoting this program to. How this works is you will be told about the DLCM DYF Club which is a private Facebook group.

In this group the owner Bryan Winters mentions that for a dollar for the first money you can get access to the private Facebook group. After that first month if you want to stay in the group you will have to pay $20 a month.

The benefits to the group is that you get access to the owner plus he will do all the work for you each day all you have to do is copy and past the ads in the Facebook Market Place.

Bryan says will find products that are selling, write the ad copy, title and all the information you need in the ad. All you have to do is make your ad copy, past the ad copy, title you will be able to make profits with very little work.

Like I mentioned above this comes at a price though you will have to pay $20 a month to stay in the group and get access to this.

If you don’t want to join the Facebook group it isn’t something you have to you know? Bryan Winters does mention if you stay a member of the group. You can refer people and make $10 every month for every referral you bring into the group.

This equals out to about 50% commissions of $20 so with just 10 referrals you will be making around $100 a month if those people stay in the group.

Will DLCM make you money?

This is up to you and if you can put the tips and tricks Bryan mentions in his PDF in motion and actually put in the work.

The reason I say this is because people do actually make money using Facebook Market Place and other places like Criagslist. You just have to figure out if the products you’re buying are actually going to be selling to get you in the profit range.

Any business model will take work in order for you to make money this way that is mentioned in the Dumb Little Cash Makers PDF. It will be extra work because if you do it in the way of buying those products and sent to your house. When people respond to your ad you will have to go out and meet up with this person in order to get money.

Now you can do it the drop shipping way but this will lower your chances of getting sales since this person has to wait a few weeks to get the product you know?

Dumb Little Cash Makers Review Is It A Scam?

I wouldn’t say Dumb Little Cash Makers is a scam do they make a lot of claims that you can make money fast and what not yeah they do.

You are paying for a little PDF that gives you some ok information that could help you out with making money online.

There is no guarantee you will make money with this program just like with any other program legit or a scam you won’t know until you actually implement the training.

I gave you my honest thoughts on Dumb Little Cash Makers and how it works it is a cheap program to get involved in. It is up to you whether you feel it is a program that is legit or a scam.

One Last Thing Making Money Online is a Slow Process

No, matter how many people say you can make money quick online and live out the laptop lifestyle, in reality it takes a lot of work in order to make a living online.

In order to live that laptop lifestyle it can take months even a year or more depending on the amount of work you put into your online business.

Don’t fall for the hype because if you do eventually you will keep falling for the shiny objects and not make money online. I am just being real and telling you the truth I don’t want to make you think that this doesn’t take work you know?

The way I do make money from this website/blog that I had created is through Affiliate Marketing you can check out my blog about it here.

I won’t get into much detail about affiliate marketing in short it is where you will find a product or program online in your niche/topic of choosing. You will find affiliate programs for that niche and you will put that affiliate link somewhere for example a blog when you talk about a product or program.

Then someone clicks the link buys this program or product you will get a commission from this purchase.

With all that being said I hope this helps you on if you feel like Dumb Little Cash Makers is a scam or not. Any questions ask them below in the comments I will answer ASAP.

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