This is my Digital Income System Review – Is Digital Income System A Scam?Digital Inscome System

Have you ever heard of DIS?

I came across this program through an email someone sent me the other day.

DIS is a program I never heard of so I decided why not look into it, to see if Digital Income System is a Scam Or legit.

I am not affiliated with DIS I felt like I should tell you some truths I have found out.

You will notice this program is a high ticket program so you will be shelling out a thousand up to $25k.

So if you can’t afford $1k to start out then this program Digital Income System won’t be for you.

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What Is Digital Income System?

Website is
Owners I couldn’t verify who they are

Price $1,000-$3,000-$5,000-$12,000-$25,000

Do I recommend No, keep reading to see why

I have done a lot of research most of the reviews I have found were from people who are affiliated with DIS.

So there will be a little hype around their reviews since they promote the program you know?

Why wouldn’t they want to make sales, so just make sure you don’t listen to just one review.

I didn’t see any negatives in their reviews I did find some, but this is my own thoughts we all perceive things in a different way.

This is a relatively new company the domain was registered in 2018, the thing is I couldn’t find anything on the owner of the company’s or owners?

Not being able to find out who the company owner is just throws up red flags at least for me it does.

Think about it though if you stand by your company and brand you would think their name would be somewhere right?

I know me for instance I have my name on my blog also I made another blog the domain is my name with a modification.

I am using it as a case study/test website to test something out it is a very new site check it out here

It is because I am proud of what I do and this is how I make money I don’t really trust anonymous people it makes me think something else is going on.

This is my opinion though this isn’t a deal breaker but it is just something I am not a fan of if that makes sense?

Keep reading next I will talk about the prices and how DIS works.

Pricing Plan & How Digital Income System Works

Digital Income System Price Plan
You can see in the picture all the plans or packages that Digital Income System provides.

  • Entrepreneur: $1,000
  • Director: $3,000
  • Professional: $5,000
  • Ambassador: $12,000
  • Executive: $25,000

All of these are one time payments from my research there is no monthly payments.

DIS pays out 50% commissions on all of their packages that they sell.

These checks will be mailed to you in the mail after your sale is complete.

I have seen multiple videos of affiliates’ of Digital Income System showing a USPS envelope with their checks from DIS.

Don’t you think a system on complete autopilot 50% commissions on a high ticket programs seems like a nice way to make money online right?

Keep reading on in my Digital Income Review to find more out more on DIS.

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What Is The Training That DIS provides?

To be honest I couldn’t find much in the training that Digital Income System provides.
The website didn’t have anything in it just a call back button a video some text.

I did find a blog from an affiliate and this is the training she said is provided in the DIS program.

LinkedIn Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Lead Generation, E-commerce, List Building, creating Membership sites to make an Income, creating webinars that will convert into sales.

The thing is with this is that to get this information about “the training” they provide I had to dig and actually find it.

Why hide what Training that you have to offer?

Like I mentioned I didn’t find this on the official Digital Income System website I found this on an affiliates’ website.

So not 100% sure if this is true or not you know?

Every legit program I have come across whether that is Summit Social Academy, Wealthy Affiliate, Legendary Marketer, just to name a few.

At least you know what you are getting before you actually purchase the product or program.

When it comes to DIS I don’t see much transparency that throws up red flags for me.

Look at it like this would you pay $1,000 or more for something you didn’t know know what you were getting?

I know I wouldn’t I would want to know if me spending $1,000 or more would be worth that kind of money or not.

There are coaches at least from what I have seen in my research that answer questions that you might have this still sounds a seems a little sketchy to me.

Keep on reading there is more to tell in this Digital Income System Review.

Is There Really Lifetime Traffic?

This was an interesting this I heard when looking into this company is that they claim to give you lifetime traffic.

How is this possible for you to get lifetime traffic?

From what I had seen is that what makes DIS different is that they put their members in a traffic rotator that drives traffic from their trusted sources

These traffic sources we don’t know the quality of it orbwherevits coming from.

Once they do that DIS will pay 10% of their companies revenue to pay for this lifetime traffic.

From what I could tell is that depending on what package your had purchased when coming into DIS would determine how much traffic you could get.

The examples I could find went like this.

If you came in at the $1,000 level you would get traffic one time in that rotation.

Come in at the $3k level 3 times in the rotation.

$5k you will get 5 time in that rotation so aim and so forth.

Basically the higher level you got in the more potential traffic you could get.

As I mentioned above not sure how good the traffic is and where it’s coming from.

Not all traffic is created equal you know?

I also heard on some videos from affiliates’ that if you buy into the $3k or higher you will be number to the next level.

For an example just say it purchased at $3k you would automatically be bumped up to the $5k level.

Same goes for the $5k up to the $12k sounds pretty cool huh?

There is more to this program then meets the eye.

DIS Is A Pay To Play Type Of Program (there is a catch)

This is where you have to buy into that level or package in order to get a commission for it.

An example is that just say you purchased at the entry level of $1,000, someone you referred purchased at the $3,000 level.

Usually you wouldn’t be paid a cent it would be passed up to whoever is in your up line qualified for that sale.

From my research which is mostly from Digital Income System’s Affiliates they claim that if you come in at the $1,000 level and someone you refer come son at the $3,000.

You will get paid $500 of that the rest is passed up to the next person qualified for that sale.

My understanding is this you get a piece of the sale which is 50% of the $1,000 level you purchased.

Since you didn’t purchase the $3,00 you wouldn’t get that full commission. Another person does but they still give you money for your referral despite it not being the full amount.

I hope that makes sense?

Sounds like to me there is an MLM (multi level marketing) aspect to this DIS program wouldn’t you say?

So far sounds like an interesting concept but I can’t say that I am on board with it though.

Now I am not against the pay to play as some would like to call it.

I am actually kind of for it LM is a program that is like this SSA is also, WA no because you are only promoting on product in that system.

Now in this Digital Income System Review I will get into what I think about DIS also if I feel DIS is a scam or not.

Is Digital Income System A Scam?
I can’t call DIS a Scam first because I never purchased this program.

Anybody that hasn’t purchased can’t say 100% this is a scam since they never purchased (my opinion).
Now I will say that I don’t really recommend this program I know a lot would agree and some may not agree.

I am fine with that since we all have our own opinions and thoughts on what we feel could help others and what not.

There are to many red flags for me to sit here and say that I recommend those

I do have an alternative to this and if you want to learn more click here.

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