Welcome To My Clout Pay Review – CloutPay.co Is A Scam


**Clout Pay or cloutpay.co is a data harvesting scam stay away from this one and the sites listed below.**

I have come across a few of these GPT (Get Paid To Sites) that claim to be legit here are a few you can check out.

Those are just a few that are straight up SCAMS TO STAY AWAY FROM. There are more and more popping up like this new one cloutpay.co. There is another also with a similar name called Clout-Pay if you go to sign up you end up on the cloutpay.co website.

There will always be scams out there are legit Get Paid To Sites out there like SwagBucks and Instagc also there is Podcoin. There are many more out there these are just the GPT sites I have actually used.

Clout-Pay.com is a site that you should stay away from I will tell you why read on to find out.


What Is Clout Pay?

Website is cloutpay.co

Owners we don’t know who they are

Price it is free to sign up with a “$25” sign up bonus


This site Clout Pay has the same structure as the scams listed above you get paid $25 for signing up for a free account.

This is the sign up message I got when I first signed up.

Clout Pay Welcome Screen

They claim to pay out $2 for every click and $10 for every sign up that you get.

Me personally I call BS on this no legit Get Paid To Site Will Pay you )2 for a click on your link and $10 for a sign up even SwagBucks or Instagc even Podcoin don’t Pay this much.

With any GPT site you have to complete tasks in order for you to get paid surveys, download games or apps, refer people, and other tasks.

The thing is with these legit GPT sites is that they won’t pay you in dollars SwagBucks.com pays in SB, Podcoin (is only an app) pays in PC, Instagc.com pays in points.

These points as I will call them you earn slowly through doing tasks I say slowly because you don’t earn much. These points when converted into USD is a few cents.

These legit sites don’t pay much and that is why I don’t personally care for them they pay you far less for all the work that you do for them.

This is why when it comes to Clout Pay, Clout-Pay, Notion Cash, Viral Dollars, Clout Bucks, and all the others it seems a little too good to be true in order to make this amount of money.

This is a red flag to me so this is one of the reasons cloutpay.co is a scam.

How Does Clout Pay Work?

I mentioned above that you do tasks in order to make money you do have to complete tasks.

The thing is some tasks are making you a huge amount of money for instance.

  • $30 dollar surveys
  • $50 for submitting a YouTube video
  • $2 per click on your referral link
  • $10 for every sign up
  • $25 for your own free account

This is simply not true when you go to the task wall these are CPA offers which just like a real legit GPT site.

Which means the owners that own the company gets paid by advertisers to advertise on the site in order for this company to drive traffic to their sites through the offers.

The thing is with pay you $30 for downloading an app or something similar is compilers BS. These advertisers that advertise in these sites pay for every action well every action will only cost a few cents to a few bucks.

So when t comes to you getting paid you will but the company that got paid whether that is SwagBucks, Instagc or Podcoin they Pay you a cut of the few cents or a few bucks.


This doesn’t equal out to much for you only a little bit of money pennies on the dollar. A company like Clout Pay does the same but the thing is YOU Won’t GET PAID.

You will do all this work referring people downloading apps and giving away your information. This is where these companies are making their real money from you be through your information.

Keep reading to see what I mean by this.

How Is Clout Pay (cloutpay.co) A Scam?

How these companies fool people be through their free accounts that will net you “$25”.

We all like free things so that allure of making a free “$25” is something that a lot will hop on quick without questions.

That is where they get you since you aren’t losing money we don’t question it but in reality they are taking something from you me and others that is just as precious as our money is.


Yep you sign up with your full name, email, password, also with your payment information these scammers take that.

They will usually sell it to others which makes them even more money than the offers in their offer wall will.

You see I made a video on Clout Bucks I got a comment saying they had cashed out.

They said they would get back to me in weeks time to show me proof of them getting their money from Clout Bucks.

It has been over a week and no response on if they received their money.

This is where doing research and your due diligence on any program out there free or paid because of this exact read.

Scammers will stoop low just to get something important out of you. A lot of the time it is money but in these cases here it is important information that they are taking.

I wouldn’t sign up for any of these scams I have listed throughout this post in the end you will be let down.

With That Being Said

You can me real money online you just have to find the right program to do that with. There are legit programs out there you just have to find them you can read about one of the programs I use here.

Affiliate Marketing is the business model this program to make money online follows you can read my post on how affiliate marketing works here.

Now that you have some idea after reading those post about how to make money online just remember affiliate marketing and or really any business out there that you create isn’t going to make you money over night.

You will have to put in hard work and time in order to make your online or even offline business profitable. There is no such thing as a get rich Quick scheme people will try a make you believe you can get-rich-quick.

In reality this far from the truth the same from these get paid to sites like Clout Pay they won’t pay out and they won’t get you rich by any means.

Even the legit get paid to sites won’t get you rich they can pay you but it is pocket change that won’t make you rich no matter how much time you put into it.

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