Welcome to my blog post of the Clout Bucks Scam – Stay Away From Clout Bucks

Another one of these get paid to sites that claim to pay you big money for doing very little.

There are a lot of these sites that look very similar to Clout Bucks I will list those a bit later on in the blog post.

The thing is with these sites is the biggest reason why people don’t believe they are scams is because you aren’t loosing money. This is where people get taken advantage of what they are taking from you is your information which can be sold for money.

Let’s get into this Clout Bucks Scam Review.

What Is Clout Bucks?

Website is cloutbucks.com (formerly kidsearncash.com)

Free to join with a $25 sign up bonus

Owners we don’t know who they are

looking at the website I mentioned in parentheses that the site used to be kidsearncash.com. What I mean by this is that Clout Bucks used to be Kids Earn Cash, if you search Kids Earn Cash in Bing, Google.

You will find some negative things about the company that nobody has been paid and review websites like this saying stay away.

You can test it out your self when you put in kidsearncash.com you will be redirected to Clout Bucks seems a little fishy don’t it?

A legit website would up and change their URL, Name of the company, layout of the website and all unless they were up to no good you know?

In a short amount of time the site went from Lids Earn Cash to Clout Bucks this is a huge red flag here it reads of SCAM.

There are legit get paid to site that you can make money with but it isn’t as much as these scams sites like these I will list here.

Notion Cash, Kids Earn Cash, Viral Dollars (formerly Viral Pay)

Here are some legit programs out of many get paid to sites

SwagBucks, Instagc, Podcoin

How Does Clout Bucks Work?

They work like a get paid to site you sign up for a free account and you have to do tasks in order to make money.

Now with legit get paid to sites you get paid a few bucks and a lot of the times a few cents for a task that you do for them.

With Clout Bucks (Kids Earn Cash) you get paid $25 for your sign up bonus, you get $30 per task you complete on their task wall.

By doing a YouTube video promoting this Clout Bucks Scam you will get $50. Plus $5 for every click and $10 for every sign up that you get.

To be honest with you there is no way they could pay people this much off of a free account. Yeah they do have CPA offers just like any other GPT site has.

The biggest difference with a site like this and a legit one is the fact they are lying to you about how much they will pay you. Advertisers only pay a small amount of money a few dollars per action to the company that is sending the traffic.

it is different when it comes to Clout Bucks and these other Scam get paid to sites out there they claim to pay you $30 just for downloading an app? There is no way if you go and look at Instagc one point that you earn equals to 1 cent usd. Most of the offers that Instagc offers you to do are only a few points up to a few thousand points.

In order to get into the $30 range With Instagc you will have to spend a few hours of not longer in order to get that $39. Unless you refer people which will give you a better chance of earning more you know?

These Scammers Are Getting Smart

This Clout Bucks Scam is crazy it makes you think how clever some of these scammers are they know we all like free things so why not profit off of that.

That is what exactly they are doing profiting off of this free money making opportunity. Your information is worth a lot to you and it is to a lot of others that want to use it for profit.

That is why it is always good to do you research on programs like Clout Bucks because you never know if it’s a scam or legit. Blindly going into something without research can lead down a path that isn’t so good you know?

Free things are cool and all one thing I have learned in life is that free things are never truly free.

You will be giving something up in order to get that free thing in most cases if it isn’t a small amount of money it is your precious time and information that you will be giving up.

We all have to be careful when it comes to programs online. There are more scammers and scam programs out there then real legit ones but they are out there you just have to find them.

Share this post with your friends and family that you know this actually can help other stay away and expose these scams. Scams will always be around but we can all crack down on them by helping and sharing posts like this that show you what the true legit programs are compared to the scams.

Have any questions or any thoughts leave them in the comments below.

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