This is my CashLoad Review – Is A Scam

Another scam busted here today on a site that claims to be a legit GPT site.

In reality it may look like a good opportunity but it is not a good one.

You see scams like this have been running rampant lately.

Some of the most notable ones

The newest one I have found in the scam bandwagon is CashLoad.

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What Is CashLoad?

This is another get paid to site that claims to give you huge payouts.

$25 just for signing up, $30 surveys, $1 per click on your link, $10 for a referral.

The list goes on and on and on.

CashLoad is selling a dream to you that you can make money fast.

In reality this is them blowing smoke in your face. It’s all an illusion a mirage to make you believe.

We all love free things and money right?

I wish I could say that or any of these scams will give you this.

The reality of it is I can’t because it is just a dream.

Money doesn’t come easy unless you work a regular 9-5.

Even when you work a 9-5 job you are still working hard.

Anything worth having is going to take work to get it.

Keep reading this CashLoad Review you will find out more about this scam.

So if you want to make money online or offline you have to work for it.

How Does Work?

CashLoad is a get paid to site this means you make money to do tasks.

These tasks can range from doing

  • surveys
  • referring people
  • YouTube submission etc.

For every tasks that you get done you get paid.

The thing is with CashLoad is they pay you crazy high amounts.

Legit GPT sites pay you pennies or a few bucks.

Some legit sites you can make money with

There are a lot of others out there but these sites won’t get you rich.

  1. SwagBucks
  2. Instagc
  3. Podcoin
  4. OneOpinion

These sites are here to give you some pocket change.

None of these legit GPT sites will get you rich.

All of these sites you do tasks and you can refer people.

If you are happy with making pennies and doing surveys go sign up for one.

Stay Far Away From

Yep I said it and I will keep saying it is a data harvesting scam.

These sites steal your data with the lure of making money fot free.

Then they sell your data to scammers, hackers you name it.

All these people are wanting us money.

None of these people want to help you or care about you.

All they care about is themselves and all the money they will make from you.

Share this CashLoad Review with friends and family.

So they can do the same and not fall victim to these data harvesting scams.

The more the word gets about these scams the more people will know.

Even though these scams will pop up once one goes down.

The good thing is at least we know we helped others not fall for this scam.

Want To Know How You Can Creat An Online Business Online?

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To give you an idea of what you will be doing keep reading.

  • Pick a niche or topic
  • create a website
  • find affiliate programs in that niche
  • talk about your niche on your site
  • drive traffic to your site which has your affiliate links in the post
  • these people click the link and buy you will get a commission

That is the short version of how affiliate marketing works.

I will say unlike with scams like the ones I listed earlier in this post.

You will have to put in work and time to make money online.

You won’t get rich quick or anything like that.

Blogging isn’t for everyone but it is a good way to make a Passive Income online.

Are you interested in creating your own online business?

If that is a yes then you can start here

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

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