This is my App Coiner Review – AppCoiner Isn’t Exactly What It Seems

I had come across this program like most of the ones that I review on my sites through an email. This email contained an affiliate link to a product called App Coiner (AppCoiner)

This is a ClickBank product despite knowing that that a lot of CB programs aren’t the best. I decided to try it out and purchase so I could give you all a sneak peek into what is about.

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What Is AppCoiner?

Website is the website you will be led to when you click on the link.

I don’t recommend this product to anyone (read below in this App Coiner Review to see why).

Price is is $27 after putting in your email and name, if you leave without purchasing they give you a $10 discount. I got this program at $17 when they offered the discounted price.

On this website you will be met with a sign up form and below that a minute long video. In this video it tells you what is possible to make with this program.

AppCoiner sales pitch

This is first screen on the video this one screen made me think that this claim to make “$20-$30 per hour reviewing apps on your smart phone or tablet starting now”.

The minute long video says we can do it in a few easy steps to get paid to do apps I will list those below.

  • Phone or a tablet
  • Pick an app from their database
  • Test the app out on your phone or tablet
  • Log into you account & write your review
  • Get paid cash

I will say this sounds a little hyped up to me the creators are making it seem like you can make money quick. In reality this isn’t true you can’t make money quick.

It will take work in order to make money online unless you are doing GPT (get paid to) sites. These sites pay you pennies to do tasks look at a few legit ones here.

  • Podcoin
  • SwagBucks
  • Instagc

These sites you can make money fast but not a lot of money though. Or you can get a job and make money fast that way to that is up to you.

App Coiner isn’t going to get you money fast keep reading below in this App Coiner Review to see what I mean.

Learn How To Create Your Own Online Business Here

How Does App Coiner Work?

As you can already tell you will be testing out apps from the database to make money right?

This isn’t 100% true because you won’t be paid to test these apps out you will be paid to do reviews on them.

Yep, you will get a sumbdomain website in this case a cookie cutter website. These websites look identical to others that had purchased AppCoiner.

On this website that you get will be a WordPress website but it is very limited though. You can’t change the theme or anything on the site that you will be getting.

You can only pick the app that you want to test, put in your ClickBank and JVZoo affiliate links (I will talk about that in a bit). You also can write your reviews for the apps that you pick.

Other then that you can’t do much on the site here is the website that I was provided when signing up to

My App Reviewing Website:

This is what the back office of the app review site that you get looks like.

Your App Coiner app review website
Your App Coiner app review website back office

As you can see you don’t have much you can do when it comes to this website. The reason is because this website isn’t actually yours this site belongs to whoever owns

In this back office you will get a slide show of different apps that you can download and review.

I mentioned ClickBank & JVZoo earlier here is how you actually get paid.

In order to get paid money you have to create an account with ClickBank & JVZoo. Get your Affiliate ID’s and put them in the area that says Affiliate ID.

Once you get those ID’s in the spots they are suppose to go into this how your site will be monetized.

Looking at the picture above you will see download from the App Store or Google Play Store. If you are a visitor to this review site you click on one of those buttons and will be put on a page of a banner ad.

This banner ad will have a ClickBank or JVZoo product with your affiliate link in it. If someone clicks the link and buys the product you will earn a commission from the purchase.

You can also get paid by someone purchasing from one of these banners if they opt into the email form on the site.

If someone opts into the form then they will be sent emails about different offers that have your affiliate link in them.

Also if they click on the banner on the top right hand corner of your website.

This is called affiliate marketing which is legit business model I even do it on this site you are reading on now.

Now if you really look at what had said you will notice this is a bit different and misleading. I thought you would get paid to test an app that is it not review it you know?

What you are doing is you are using SEO (search engine optimization) when writing your reviews. This is so you will rank in the search engines get traffic to your site and hopefully get sales.

This takes a lot of work and time though so you won’t be making money fast as they make it seem like you will. It can take months if not a year or more to make a full time income with a blog.

You Are Getting A Cookie Cutter Website

My App Coiner app review website
My App Coiner app review website

Yep, this can be a problem when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization).

Not really because of duplicate content as I have seen on other App Coiner Reviews. The reason I say that this isn’t going to be duplicate content is, because you have to write the review yourself.

There may be other reviews on the same exact app, but if you actually write your review in your own words duplicate content doesn’t matter.

Now if you were to copy and paste someone else’s app review. Yea, you can get penalized by the search engines for duplicate content.

The problem I have with this cookie cutter website that you get is

  • All the sites look the same
  • It is a sub-domain website

All the sites look the same- Since they all do look the same you can’t put your own unique touch to the site. Which you would think that if you get something you want to make it look your own and not like all the other right?

It is a sub-domain website- Now there isn’t anything wrong with having a sub-domain website. There are sub-domain websites that are ranked in the search engines.

The problem I have with sub-domain websites is the fact you don’t actually own the website. Also limited capabilities like customization things like that compared to a domain you paid for you own it.

Keep reading this App Coiner Review to see if this is a legit way to make money online or a complete scam.

Is A Scam?

No, isn’t a scam you do get something for your money this is also my opinion though. Some might think that App Coiner is a scam but I don’t believe it is.

I do believe that this program is really misleading and that is why I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

You are told one thing and then you are actually doing the direct opposite of what they said you would be doing. To me if you say something is going to be easy then it better be easy.

If you say this doesn’t require a lot of work then it shouldn’t require a lot of work you know?

This requires work and the thing is with it is that you don’t have proper training. That can get you ranked in the search engines.

This is how you will get your traffic is through free traffic through the search engines. For instance this website you are on now is a website I do keyword research on.

What this means is that I will use a keyword research tool in order to find low competition keywords. These keywords I write my blog post about and eventually I will get ranked in the search engines.

This is what you should be doing with your app reviews on this app review website. The thing is you probably don’t even know how to do keyword research. If you don’t then this training will teach you how to do that.

With All That Being Said

I will let you decide whether or not this is worth your time or not by the facts I put in the this post.

I know that I may say I don’t recommend but some will want to see for themselves. You can make money this way but it will be harder for you to do then if you got your own website.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this App Coiner Review. Leave your thoughts on this program and any suggestions I will get back asap.

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