Abundance Network Review – Another Cash Gifting Scam?

I came across this interesting program through a YouTube video promoting it.

Unlike a lot of you that will be reading this Abundance Network Review.

You probably came across this program through a ring less voicemail or through a text message.

In short that is how they recruit their members (I will get more into that later in the review).

Unlike the traditional way you go through a sales funnel with a video that most times are filled with a lot of hype.

That is what got me interested in this program I will mention I am not an affiliate.

I am going to tell you everything I know about this system so you can make your own decision.

On Whether you feel this is the right program for you or if you feel it is a scam.

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What Is Abundance Network?

I found their website through digging around but it is just a members login page abundancenetwork.net.

The owner I found out to be Jeff Long

Price to get started is a one time fee of $100 + $50 admin fee (some other hidden costs I will get into that soon).

This is a new program in which you recruit members to make money through a ring less voice mails and texts.

I mentioned above that usually you go through a sales funnel usually with a sales video and optin page.

This is how you get leads in the traditional way, now with this you get leads through calling a phone number.

Once calling this phone number you will be greeted with an automated message.

This message is by Jeff Long that says

Well thanks for calling to learn how you can realistically be earning anywhere from $100 to $500 or more per day, working from home by simply sharing a phone number with others.

You join us for a small one-time fee, we give you a phone number, you share that phone number with others, and when they call in … you have the potential to being paid $100 – which goes directly to you via Venmo, Cash App, PayPal, Stripe, bitcoin, or any other payment method you choose.”

Hearing this one thing stood out to me was the income claim we should all know there is no guarantee.

I just don’t believe in the wording, because income claims are a big red flag when it comes to the FTC.

Look at programs like Digital Altitude they made a lot of income claims, only around for 2 years got shut down.

Since I know that there is no guarantee to make money with any system (legit programs I might add).

I hope you would understand that to?

You can POSSIBLY make this kind of money with Abundance Network.

I just wouldn’t go into thinking you will make 100s of dollars in a day if you are a newbie.

This will take work for you to make money with this or any business model out there.

The reason some of these people are making a lot of money is because they have been at this for a few years.

They have a following an email list the list goes on.

With that out of the way keep reading this Abundance Network Review to find out more about how you get paid.

How Does Abundance Network Work?

  • Call a phone number
  • Go through a phone funnel
  • Sign up
  • You will get texts for the next steps
  • Create your account
  • Pay the fees $150
  • Pay $10 for your SMS and system set up plus $1 for your phone number
  • Start promoting you get paid for other people calling and signing up under your phone number.

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Compensation Plan

I mentioned above Abundance Network has a 2 level uni-level compensation plan.

This is how it works (Some Call It A Phone Cash Gifting Scheme or Scam)

Every sale is $100 you will be in profit on your 3rd sale.

  • 1st sale you will get 100% commission
  • 2nd sale will get passed up to your sponsor
  • 3rd sale you will get 100% commission
  • 4th sale is passed up to your sponsor
  • 5th sale and all other sales you keep 100% commission

As you can see this is why some will call it a Phone Cash Gifiting Scheme or Scam.

This reminds me of Easy1up where you pass up your second sale to your sponsor.

This is where you will make most of your money from recruiting others into your downline.

I hear you can put your primary business in this phone funnel so if you have other opportunities you can use those.

If this is true you don’t only have to promote Abundance Network you can put your primary in this funnel.

This is totally up to you though what you do either promote Abundance Network or you own.

Is Abundance Network A Scam?

I wouldn’t say this program is a big scam I believe you can make money the big BUT is.

The only thing that makes me not recommend this program is the fact that you are learning to promote only Abundance Network

From what I can see you aren’t learning how to promote other opportunities (I could be wrong).

Also what throws up red flags is the fact that you aren’t buying real tangible products.

You are buying into a phone sms system to promote only this program not others.

You aren’t really learning how to build your own business your relying on this program that is it.

For instance if you learned how to create a website from scratch.

In turn teaches you how to build out that blog to make money with Affiliate Marketing.

Or even promote your own products and courses this would be teaching you how to build your own online business.

From what I can see this program Abundance Network isn’t doing this.

I did mention that you could possible promote other opportunities in this phone funnel.

The thing is though that if you are a newbie and don’t have any other opportunities to promote.

Then you are only going to promote Abundance Network which isn’t teaching you how to grow a business.

You are being taught how to promote their system and their system only.

Correct me if I am wrong?

We all have our opinions on this some will say it is a scam some will say it is not.

Most of the time the ones that are going to say all good things are the ones promoting this program.

Then there will be others that will be saying they don’t recommend but in turn say their system is better.

Whether you pick to go with Abundance Network (which I don’t recommend you can do what you want though).

Or you go with what I believe is better is totally up to you.

let me know what you think of this program and what you think of this Abundance Network Review.

Whether you agree with me or you don’t I still want to hear what you have to say.

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