About Matt

Hey how is it going my name is Matthew (Matt, Matty I have heard people call me different variations of my name haha) a little about myself. I have a lot of passions, dreams and goals to achieve in my life, I love to be in nature, hike whenever I can even be out on the lake and or ocean. Live life to the fullest since we are never promised tomorrow.

There is one thing that I can say is huge on my list of goals and dreams is living WILD AND FREE. Since in this life a lot of us have learned to get J.O.B’s and while we day dream at a J.O.B working for pennies while be owner gets paid dollars. We trade our time for money which we can get money at any time but our time we can’t get back.

What I am trying to say is something my dad has always told me is to “LOVE WHAT YOU DO AND DO WHAT YOU LOVE.”

This quote has stuck with me since I was a kid because I never found what I truly loved to do because I never wanted to work under anybody. I just had no direction on how I could travel the world like the ones you see on TV, IG or these people you see on ads. I would day dream at my day J.O.B then eventually I took action to being my own BOSS.

Leveraging this BLOG plus other things like SOCIAL MEDIA to help me follow my dreams, we all can get to where we want it will take work but we can do it.

I have learned your thoughts are huge in what you get in your life and that is why I do my best to stay positive I am not perfect I do have my negative time. One thing about that though is even if you get knocked down you just need to get back up brush off your shoulders and stay on with those positive vibes.

I use LAW OF ATTRACTION (CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT WHAT THAT IS) in my life to manifest the things in my life. I am a very spiritual person so I believe the universe has me and or GOD if you believe in that. So stuff like money or the negative times I don’t worry about it because I know that I will be good.

Life is good if you make it that way that is something I have always believed even in the negative it is still good there are a lot of things we can be blessed and happy about.

I do what I can to help whoever I can and that is what this blog of Get Out Of The 9 To 5 it is to help you be your own boss and live the life you want to live by teaching you the skills to help you live out your dreams.

If you have any questions you can comment below and ask what ever you want to ask I will do what I can to help. You can also follow me on the social media links at the top of the page or the bottom FACEBOOK, TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM whichever you prefer.

Keep loving and living life to the fullest that is what I am going to be doing since life is too short not to right?

If you have any questions then comment them below.

Talk soon and thanks for checking out my site


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