I came across this sales page the other day it looked interesting it did catch my attention so I took a look into it. I dove into Million Dollar Replicator System Scam? I will show you if this a good opportunity or not lets get into it.

A Million Dollar Replicator Review Is It A Scam?

Website- http://milliondollarreplicator.com/

Creator- “Michael Sachs”

Price- $37

You are first introduced with a sales video as you can see in the picture above. They claim at the top that your chance to get into the Million Dollar Replicator System at midnight tonight.

To be honest this is complete BS the reason being is this if you were to go back to this same page tomorrow or even a week from now it would still be there. The same offer and everything will be the same even though they claim this.

This is a sales tactic to make you feel some type of urgency to keep your attention in order for you to potentially buy this product. You will see this in a lot of different places if you know what you are looking at than you won’t fall for it, now if you are new you might just fall for it.

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Million Dollar Replicator Sales Video

The person in this video is claiming that you will make a living with literally no work at all. Anybody can do it no experience nothing you just have to follow the easy steps.

Millions have been made with this system in a short amount of time there are a few testimonials in the video that claim this is the best system. To be honest those are FAKE no way they made thousands and into the millions in a short amount of time with no experience

Look at this picture right here to your right the Million Dollar Replicator claims. Fill in the form below to make 7 figures in under 30 days.

This is a BS claim especially if you are new in the online world. Now if you are experienced yeah that is possible not when you are new though.

This is red flag in my books that you can make a huge amount of money in a short amount of time especially MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. Working online takes a lot of work when you first start out this another one of those SHINY OBJECTS people fall for to get-rich-quick

Million Dollar Replicator Scam Price

The Million Dollar Replicator makes to many promises about getting rich quick without actually talking about what kind of training you get. Yeah it is cheap only a fee of $37, to be honest I can bet the training probably isn’t all the good and I bet there are huge up cells.

Here is why I say they will up sell you and these up cells are big look at the affiliate disclosure in the picture below.

The top sentence says you can earn over $450 per sale on this super hot high converting ClickBank biz op offer.

Another thing to look out for is the fact that they claim at the bottom of the picture that there are ONE CLICK UP SELLS. To be honest with you this can get you spending money you didn’t want to spend. The only way this can happen though is if you put in your information like email, credit card, name, address and all.

Just say you decided to pay the $37 they will give you an up sell and there will be a big button to pay for it and in smaller words no thanks you don’t want this. If you don’t pay attention you will get screwed over and pay money you probably didn’t want so be careful.

The good thing about all of this is the fact that since it is a ClickBank product ClickBank offers 60 day money back guarantees. So if you don’t like the product than you can get your money back, now would I say buy NOPE.

Check out something I found in the fine print of one of the earning disclaimers that gets me thinking about this Million Dollar Replicator is more of a scam than legit.

Look at the first paragraph you will see it states that


I know this is supposed to cover their ass but if you look at it go watch the video it clearly says you can make thousands and even millions in a short amount of time.

There is even text saying you can make 7 figures in just a short 30 days, than they say there is no guarantee you will make any money?

How can you go and say in the video you can make all the is money and be a millionaire but than say you aren’t guaranteed any money?

This just tells me that Million Dollar Replicator is trying to BS you out of your hard-earned money which is pretty sad woudn’t you say?

Who Is The Creator Of Million Dollar Replicator?

You can look at this picture and what he says in his statement this is a picture of the creator of Million Dollar Replicator Scam. His name is “Michael Sachs” now this guy is not real if you were to go and do a reverse image search of this picture you will see it as a stock picture on pixabay.

This Michael Sachs isn’t the real creator of Million Dollar Replicator Scam he is a fictional person made up by the person who made this program up.

He even claims that he and his team has made $38,000,000 in a course of 3 years of research and development. Also, netted a select group of beta testers over a $1,000,000 a month every single month.

To be honest with you that is a huge income claim that just doesn’t sit well with me, the sales video is misleading and so is this statement by the owner of Million Dollar Replicator.

Million Dollar Replicator Live Social Proof & Fake Testimonials

This feature looked legit when I first saw it shows Facebook and twitter with people talking about the Million Dollar Replicator. You can see there is Facebook on the left and twitter on the left look closely though what do you see?

The screen shot I took shows a picture of Scott Sibley on Facebook talking about the Million Dollar Replicator. On the right you see on Twitter Howard Myers is talking about the same system to, what is the same about it the pictures, the names are different though.

This goes to show that this is not true plus if you were to try to interact with the Facebook or Twitter posts you can’t. If you try to like, share, comment even re-tweet you can’t it will bring you back to the top of the page where the sales video is.

This goes to also show this is some fake people and made up positive testimonials on Million Dollar Replicator.

Here are some more fake testimonials from fake people look at the picture below.

Crazy to see all of these million dollar months from people look legit don’t it?

It really isn’t if you do your research these are fake people the pictures are stock images you can take and do a reverse image search and find them on a stock image website.

If you were new and were to just look at this and not do your own research you would think this is real and be fooled later on and find out this is BS.

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Is Million Dollar Replicator A Scam?

To be honest with you I usually don’t even tell someone flat out something is a scam or anything like that. This is because usually there is always something of legit value in programs I have talked about on Get Out Of The 9 To 5.

With this Million Dollar Replicator Scam I do believe it is a BIG HUGE SCAM from all the ludicrous income claims. To all the fake testimonials and all the scummy sales tactics I wouldn’t recommend this program at all.

I know this is just my opinion you can check out Million Dollar Replicator for yourself if you want just click on the link up a the top. I will say just be careful and I wouldn’t pay for it someone will get a commission which nothing is wrong with that. I just don’t believe in promoting a product that isn’t worth the money even if I would get a high commission from the sale.

I see this as unethical and not right for taking peoples hard-earned money you know?

With All That Being Said I have One Other Thing To say

Working online is not as easy as Million Dollar Replicator makes it seem you actually have to put in work in order to Quit Your 9 To 5.

You can’t make thousands or even millions in a short amount of time being new to the online world. There really is no time limit on how long you can start to make money online. Some make money in a few months and some it takes them a year or even more than that. Some don’t make money at all there is no guarantee money comes in at all.

It really comes down to the right training and how much work you put into your own online business.

Affiliate Marketing is the one business model I follow In short unlike with Million Dollar Replicator you can’t make thousands or even millions in the amount of time they claim you can.

You can check out my Affiliate Marketing blog post here and see what I mean by how it works and if it is right for you.

Leave in the comments your questions or even any of your experiences with this program or another program.

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