This is my 10 Minute Paydays Review – Legit Or A Scam?

I had come across this program through my email I clicked on the link so I checked it out.

This program is from a place called ClickBetter it is like ClickBank.

I have found a few programs on ClickBank that are better than this program check out the review below.

Your Income Profits & The Wealth Magnet

I will mention this program has a lot of hype in the sales page this isn’t anything new though. There are paid actors in the sales video and the person that says they are the owner is actually a fake name.

Those are some red flags but lets get into the main part of this review.

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What Is 10 Minute Paydays?

This is a really cheap program it only costs $9 the upsells can be a bit expensive though.

  • Upsell #1- Pay Day Plus (Double Your Profits)- $197 Downsell for $97
  • Upsell #2- Boost Profits Up To 5X The Amount $147 Downsell for $47

The creator is suppose to be Gregg Price this is just a pen name we don’t actually know who the creator is.

I won’t really touch on the sales page since that sales page is nothing but hype.

They claim you can make $5,000 a month with just 10 minutes of work a day. I will say this is unrealistic and the claims in the video are fake and unrealistic.

The testimonials in the video are all fake they are just paid actors that you can hire on These actors I have seen before on other programs that I have reviewed before.

The reason I have a problem with the testimonials being fake is the fact that they are lying to you. If this program really worked then you wouldn’t need to hire a spokes person to do a testimonial.

I don’t like the income claims that they mention on the sales page and the sales video. Why? this is because this is selling you a dream of making money fast online which just isn’t true.

Keep reading this 10 Minute Paydays Review so you can find out what is in the training.

Training Inside Of 10 Minute Paydays

There are 4 training modules plus an extra 2 modules of training the training you will is nothing but basic PDF’s.

These PDF’s are nothing special here is what each PDF contains.

  • Module #1– Making Money By Doing Online Voice Overs: 17 page PDF that gives you a basic overview of how to get into doing voice overs.
  • Module #2– Make Money By Selling Stock Photos: 22 page PDF on how you can sell stock photos online for money.
  • Module #3– Make Money By Freelancing Online: 21 page PDF that gives you a basic overview on how you can freelance online.
  • Module #4– Make Money With Online Gaming: 22 page PDF shows you how you can make money by playing games online.
  • Module #5– Secret Method: 25 page PDF on how to market or promote on social media, creating a niche website, managing clients, building an agency.
  • Module #6– Plus: 28 page PDF an overview of how you can start to outsource your content creation.

Looking at all of this you can tell that this is all basic information. You can literally do a search on Bing or Google and find this information.

Check Out This Review I Did On Wealthy Affiliates Free Membership. This program gives you more information in their basic free training then you will get in 10 Minute Paydays.

This is what I don’t like about programs like this because the sales page sells you a dream. Then when you purchase the program you will notice there is more to it then what they give you.

That is when people call programs like 10 Minute Paydays a scam because of the sales pages. I believe there should be more transparency about what you get that is my opinion.

Is 10 Minute Paydays A Scam?

This can be up for debate on whether this is a scam or not.

Some would say that this program isn’t a scam because you get some training. Despite there only being PDF’s you still get something for you money.

Others would call this program a scam because of all the red flags on the sales page. The owner not being transparent with you plus you are only getting PDF’s. In which this information you can find for free with a simple search.

My honest thoughts are that I don’t believe this program is a scam at all. I just don’t think this information that you get in the front end product is worth the $9.

The PDF’s don’t go into detail on how to do this or that it is just an overview to show you it is possible. All of these ways you can make money online with but these PDF’s won’t make you $5,000 a month with only 10 minutes of work.

In order to make $5,000 a month you will have to put in a lot of work to make this kind of money. Even if you outsourced all of your content you will be paying people from or a similar site.

You can’t outsource your content for free so you will be paying money some don’t have that money to spend on outsourcing.

Freelancing yeah you can make money doing this the thing is though it will take you a lot longer then 10 minutes a day. You will be working longer to get your gigs done you know?

With All That Being Said About 10 Minute Paydays

I don’t recommend this program at all it is a waste of money yeah it i only $9. Still these PDF’s aren’t worth your money the upsells I can’t say anything about them since I never purchased them.

I don’t like to make assumptions on something I have no experience with if that makes sense?

Let me know what you think of this 10 Minute Payday Review do you believe this program is legit or a scam? You can do this by leaving a comment below.

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